Tips to Stay Productive & Eliminate Distraction

Has your productivity been lacking lately? 

 If it is, you’re most likely lacking structure and need to create a productivity strategy that works best for you. Try time blocking your hours out on a piece of paper or excel sheet so you know what you’re doing at certain hours of the day. This will give your day structure and help you to start working smarter instead of harder. If you construct a plan where you work with minimal distractions during your most productive hours you will start to see positive changes in your business and more importantly your overall mood. 

Listen      here      for the Productivity Podcast!

Listen here for the Productivity Podcast!


Prioritize your Tasks

 Your most productive hours are in the beginning of the day – use them wisely! Pick 2-3 things that take priority and focus all of your attention on them. After you’ve identified your most important 2-3 tasks for the day create a list of steps you need to take in order to properly and efficiently complete each task. Picking a simple 2-3 tasks instead of a unrealistic lets say 15 will take away that feeling of let down when you don’t accomplish everything you planned. Take a step back and look a what is actually moving your business forward and stop spending those precious morning house on things that aren’t growing your business.  


 Close your Tabs

If you’re someone who constantly has a million tabs open – close them out! Bouncing around from tab to tab is doing you no good. You are focusing on too many things at once and you are being anything but efficient.  You can also eliminate distractions by putting your phone in another room so you don’t sit on social media mindlessly scrolling or surfing the web. 


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Stop Checking email 

 Don’t open your email until you get your top 2-3 things done for the day. Chances are your emails aren’t moving the needle in your business and you could be using your most productive hours on things that actually are.  You don’t need to be on top of your emails 24/7- put your phone away. If you need to be in constant communication with your work team you should look into the app Slack so you aren’t constantly being interrupted with dings of people demanding your time.

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Create an inspiring Workspace

 Work in a space that inspires you. If you work remote maybe that looks like getting out of your house and going to the public library or a coffee shop. If you’re someone who works better with music playing in the background, create a playlist. You can even create a calming mood by diffusing essential oils or burn a soothing candle. 

It is a joy sucker when you are exhausted at the end of the day but can’t even begin to name the things you’ve accomplished. Time blocking and batch working is great because you are not only focused buy you’re being intentional and doing your best work. 

 We hope these tips will help you work more efficiently and in a less distracted environment. Let us know your best productivity hack.

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