StoryBrand Website Examples

Is your website converting to paying customers?  You don’t just want a nice-looking website you want a website that really works! Your website needs to be able to grab your consumers attention in 5-10 seconds or they will likely click off the screen, never to return. StoryBrand helps with the hard stuff and clarifies your message so your audience really understands your story and sees where they fit into it.  People just don’t buy what looks the best, they buy what they can understand and what doesn’t confuse them.

 Here are 2 websites build using the StoryBrand framework and why they work.

Myers Tails Up Farm is as clear as it is visually appealing. You immediately know they are a boarding home for dogs. They set themselves apart from other boarding homes with the words they use on their homepage. Your dog won’t be stuck in a kennel all day but they will be be on a “retreat” while you’re away. Their tagline is clear and in the middle of their screen. It lets you know right away how they can help with your problem. They will “help you help your dog live their best life”.

The banner image of this website is a slideshow of videos with dogs roaming free, playing fetch and getting personal grooming attention. They draw a picture of what life would look like for your dog while you’re away. Isn’t it time you take a vacation so your dog can have one too?

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Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 1.58.09 PM.png

They have a clear and consise navigation bar with three different sections (services, community, connect) . A huge mistake people make is creating a lengthy navigation bar with too many tabs. Keep it simple and clean with only a few tabs at the top. You can easily scroll your mouse over their navigation bar to see some short titles and images for you to click on. Again, this is a great way to show what life could look like for your dog.


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Shultz Photo School is another great example of a StoryBranded website. The First thing we see is a beautiful image of a child. Everything from their header to their logo is on point and on brand. The logo is clear and appealing with the letter S for Shultz disguised as a camera. When you look at this logo you automatically know it this brand has something to do with photography.

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The second thing that really stands out on the website is the “Get a Free Course” button. This is strategically placed on the cover page twice and is the only thing that is colored on the homepage. The header also lets you in on something exclusive with the sub header thats states “Join 102,000 parents who are taking priceless pics of their kids, not just snapshots.”. This also builds trust/ credibility and lets your customers feel as though they are part of something bigger. This is also a call to action. If you want to take photos like these you can join this community of families and photographers creating beautiful memories.

When you scrolll a little lower on the homepage you see some beautiful images of children taken by different members of the Schultz Photo School community. The Words “Our Kids Grow Up Fast” also let you see what you could be missing out on. The human brain has a chemical reaction that motivates you to buy out of fear of missing out.

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