5 Secrets to Hiring Great People

You need to make sure you’re hiring good people so your company will be put on the fast track to success. You don’t want to hire people that will destroy your company’s credibility and squash its reputation. You want to hire a team that is proud to work for your business and believes strongly in your company’s principles and products. Make sure you’re hiring people that fit in with your company’s culture. It could be costly to hire people who aren’t on the same page as you and things you expect from them and see for your business. Here are our top 5 best secrets to hiring an amazing team of people!



Create Compelling Job Descriptions

Make sure you are posting jobs descriptions that are specific and detailed. You want your potential employers to know exactly what you expect from them. It benefits neither of you if you aren’t focused on the same things or have the same vision of how things will be done. You want to create compelling descriptions to get your potential hires to be excited at the potential to work in your business. 


Look at Character 

It is essential you hire a team that has good morals and character. You want someone who is honest and authentic not someone who is self-centered and negative. Don’t just look at their accomplishments on paper also feel out who they are as a person. It’s better to hire someone with a good attitude and strong work ethic then is to hire someone will all the skills but has sour attitude and low work drive. 


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Use Social Media 

A great place to start the recruiting these potential hires is social media. Social media is an easy way to spread the word about a job opening or startup and really encourages a two-way conversation. Your social platforms also give an inside look to your company and shows your potential hires what your company culture is like. This allows them to envision themselves working for you and gets a feel of who your company is at the core. 


Consider Past Candidates 

Try revisiting past candidates that may have not aligned with what you needed at the moment. Timing is everything and you may have been overlooked someone who now has a skill set that could really help you company. These are also the people who are strongly interested in what your company is all about and that makes a great employee. 


Push for Diversity

Don’t just look for people who mirror who you are and how you do things. You want to find people who are different from you and have unique experiences under their belt. These are the types of people who will bring new ideas and perspective to the table. You can even you’re your potential hires take an at home aptitude test so you can learn more about their strengths.  


What’s your best hiring secret? Let us know in the comments down below!

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