How to Get Over Writer’s Block 

It’s inevitable. Every writer has struggled with the dreaded writer’s block. You’re feeling empty of inspiration, and everything you write is just plain garbage. Chances are, your writer’s block is stemming from one of these three things. Your focus is either somewhere else (like on your long to-do list), you’re too much of a perfectionist, or you’re scared of pushing your ideas out into the world (we get it, rejection can be scary). Here are five tips to help you tame your writer’s block to get your creative juices flowing once again.


1. Remove all distractions

Our best tip is for you to eliminate all of your distractions. Start with putting your phone in another room, so you aren’t tempted to interrupt your work to read a few tweets or check your email for the hundredth time. You will be wildly more efficient and focused if you just clear your workspace of all disturbances.


2. Take a Break

Chances are you’re overwhelmed, and your head is boiling with tension. You probably need to take a good break. Hop on a short phone call with a family member or an old friend and let your mind rest and recharge. You can also look up some motivating pins on Pinterest or watch an inspirational video on YouTube to get yourself stimulated again.


3. Light Exercise

A light run or walk in nature will work wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Leave your electronic devices at home and be fully present in nature. Being outside and taking a long stroll will improve your mental health, relieve stress, and boost your overall mood.


4. Brainstorm

Write all of your ideas down on a piece of paper. Stop trying to be perfect and start jotting down the ideas on your brain. Push out your thoughts in bullet points or draw a bubble diagram like you did when you were a kid (why aren’t we doing this more it actually works!). Write down what’s on your mind and then worry about the sentence structure and grammar at the end.


5. Change up your workspace

Many writers work from home, and when you’re in a place where you have dishes and laundry starring you in the face, you can get distracted and overwhelmed. Get out of your workspace and head to the local library or coffee shop. You can even use the hotspot on your phone and sit by a body of water or a bench at a beautiful park. Changing your space can also shift your mindset.


Hopefully, these tips will drag you out of your funk and get you back on your game in no time. Let us know your best trick to get you out of writer’s block.

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