Why Creating a Story will Help Market your Business

Storytelling can be one of the most powerful tools in marketing if you know how to frame your story correctly. StoryBrand helps you do just that with step by step instructions, videos, and easy to navigate modules. As humans, we love to spend our time daydreaming and naturally draw into stories and plots. Screenplays, tv shows, books, etc. all tell stories and in a very calculated manner that draws people in and keeps them wanting more. StoryBrand helps you write stories in a way that will resonate with your audience and encourage them to start paying attention to your brand.


Good storytelling is a calculated method. This specific formula helps position your goods and services in a way that draws people in and listen closely. In every good story, there is a character who has a problem or a mission they want to accomplish. This purpose is what keeps the viewer intrigued during the entirety of the plot. It only works when the character has a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. If the vision is not clear, it won't work.


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To pique the interest of the viewer, you really need to hook your audience by introducing a problem. Your consumer will stick around because they want to see if the character meets their goal and solves their problem. It’s human nature to want to make your business the hero in these kinds of stories, but you need to position your customer as the hero. Your business needs to be the guide that helps the character accomplish their mission. StoryBrand helps position your business as a guide that allows your customer (the hero) to take action. This kind of storytelling, if properly executed, can invite your customers into your brand’s story and help them solve a problem by purchasing a product or service from you.


Learn to captivate your audience with a little help from StoryBrand and its 7-part framework. Purchase the StoryBrand Workshop or let us do the hard work for you and hire us as your Certified StoryBrand Guide!