Why a Clear Message is Important According to StoryBrand

If you want to grow your business, you need to start clarifying your message. No one wants to cut through all the fluff on your website and try and make sense of what you are trying to sell and how they will benefit. Whether you realize it or not, being unclear is costing you BIG TIME. Stop spending your hard earned money on marketing that won’t work or push the needle in your business. Get on board with StoryBrand and start watching your business thrive today!

StoryBrand helps you talk about your product in a way that makes people want to engage with you and purchase from you. It all starts with the words we are using and if your verbiage doesn’t match up, neither will your sales. You need to start telling your customer why they really need your product and how it will enhance their life and make it easier.


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1.    Let them People your product or service will help them THRIVE

There are many products on the market. If you want yours to shine, you need to be preaching about how your product can help people thrive in their lives. You want to create a story that shows people what life could look like with your product. Let them know how your product or service will benefit them. Will it save them time, increase their productivity, or enhance their quality of life?


2.    Stop talking about YOUR story and start talking about THEIRS

It’s so easy to talk about all of the awards your business has won and how much your numbers have increased in the last year, but NEWS FLASH; that isn’t going to sell your product or even garner much interest around it. They don’t want to hear you go on about your story; they want to know how you fit into their story. It’s not about how great you are but how great they can be with your product or service on their team.

STOP confusing your customers and START being clear today with StoryBrand.

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