Digital Marketing 101 (2019): Class is in Session

Picture yourself sitting in a classroom, but there’s a catch: it’s a classroom in a 90s sitcom. Your teacher is Mr. Feeny (from Boy Meets World) and he’s teaching you all about how one time in history someone did something hard but rewarding. It’s a wonderful story and you’re moved such that there’s a single solitary tear going down your cheek. That’s how it feels learning about marketing from our Founder, Evan Knox. In one particular lesson he sat down to teach us about how in today’s online marketplace, every business owner knows how essential online marketing is to business. However, he says, not every business owner knows all their digital marketing options. And how could they? There’s so much to learn and understand that sometimes it’s good to locate that one-stop shop for understanding the basics.

Evan Knox is the founder of Caffeine Marketing, and this is his beginner’s guide to understanding digital marketing in 2019.


While traditional marketing might use billboards, magazine ads and the white pages to advertise, digital marketing is using the Internet in order to market to customers. It is marketing using the Internet. When I think of digital marketing I think of two categories: Digital Advertising and Content Marketing.


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Online advertising is paying for the attention of your target customer on the Internet. There are different types of online digital advertising, such as paying Facebook to show people ads. And each type/ platform has its’ own unique advantages.


Facebook is known for social networking, but now it’s the number one platform to put your digital marketing efforts. Ads are an essential part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. I’d say 95% of business owners could use Facebook Advertising to market their product or service.

You can target based on age, background, and you can get super focused in demographic. For example, you can target people who are CEOS who love ATLU and send ads directly to them. You can also get new traffic by having a really open funnel thereby allowing the right customers to discover you. And in that way customers would eventually narrow down to who would want your product.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when talking about social media advertising and paid ads:

- All content advertising should be highly engaging, especially when we’re talking about IG and Facebook.
- IG is a subsidiary of Facebook and when you advertise on one, you can easily do so on the other.
- People often buy normal goods like B-C via IG because people are looking at products that other people have. So, it’s great for B-C companies.


Here are 2 placement options that most people don’t know about when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

- Facebook Messenger – You can send an ad directly to your target audiences, people who are interested in your product/service.
- Facebook Audience Network – FAN is a conglomerate of different media companies. They show ads on all the different media properties. Statistically, people spend 1/5 seconds looking at a Facebook advertisement. Facebook Audience Network helps you reach them for the other 4 seconds that they’re on their mobile devices.



Now let’s talk about Google Ads. There are 3 common types of Google ads.

1) Display advertising
2) Search ads
3) YouTube ads

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, which means there’s basically endless potential for advertising. 

Let’s say you use Google to look up the best pencils.

With YouTube Ads, you can target someone who is looking for pencils and then you can show them an ad on YT for pencils*.

*TB Side note:

Recently, my husband researched different mattresses using Google. He probably spent two hours on this search. And for the next two months he received the same T Paine Purple Mattress ad before watching his favorite YouTubers.

It wasn’t until he spent 45 minutes researching woodworking products that this T Paine Purple ad went away.

Once again, it is the same woodworking ad that appears before he gets a chance to watch his favorite YouTubers. But he hasn’t seen the T Pain ad since and let me say, he’s been a happier camper. 

Don’t get me wrong T Paine can get it. The Bagwells LOVE T Paine. But just the sheer amount of times the ad popped up was enough for the husband to search for a different genre of product all in the name of a receiving a different ad.

The interesting part is that he is happy to do that for his YouTubers. They get paid through this advertising so when the husband watches those ads for the first 5 seconds, he sees it as his payment to the YouTuber for their time and entertaining content. To me, that is a beautiful thing.

Side-note over. Now, back to Evan.


LinkedIn is one of the more expensive platforms to advertise with.

Many platforms don’t have pricing floors, but LinkedIn does have a Pricing floor. Having a pricing floors means at a minimum it is going to cost you X dollar amount to distribute ads.

So, LinkedIn Advertising is great for your more expensive products and services.


You want your page to be the first search result that your customer sees when they research your company type on the internet. That’s SEO marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To best utilize SEO marketing, you’ll need to optimize your website for the best keywords so that it ranks higher on the search engine results page. That means you’ll have to do some keyword research. And you’ll have to get in the mindset of your potential customer to learn what phrase they would use to find you.

TB: Having the link to your site higher up on the search engine cue is a great way to advertise your site. There are many reasons for this, but the obvious reason is that people in a hurry are more likely to select web pages they don’t have to spend time scrolling to find. In that sense, when your site is higher up in the cue, people will see and potentially click on your site faster; look over your offerings quickly; and even potentially purchase your product or service - all before they have time to reach your competition.

Interested in learning more about SEO? Check out
SEO Checklist for Beginners from Evan.

These are often the easiest ways to increase your Search Engine Optimization SEO:

On-Page SEO – Optimizing site content in order to increase the number of keywords and make it super search friendly;
Technical SEO – Optimizing tags, URLs, SE Snippets, Schema tags
Off-Page SEO – This is using backlinks to increase your demand authority
Local SEO – Local SEO has a lot to do with filling out all your info properly across Yelp and other reputation management similar sites in order to create alignment between consumer reviews.

Now, onto the second form of digital content marketing...


Content marketing is creating content in order to earn trust, attention and hopefully, have consumers buy from you.

In other words, content marketing would be when you use video marketing or photos to entertain, inspire and possibly win the business of your customers.

Different ways of content marketing, include:

Email Marketing
Web Design
Social Media Channels

Email Marketing

There are three main forms of Email Marketing, including:
- Outbound
- Lead Nurturing
- Up-selling/retargeting.

Outbound Email Marketing

This type of email marketing focuses on outbound marketing and sales. This means emailing people who don’t know about your business. With the invention of spam, this type of emailing is not supper successful any more. Because of the never-ending emails people get, the conversion rate is low.

However, when it works, outbound email marketing is best done when you quickly explain who you are and how you can make their life better. In additional, you’ll have to add a button so readers can respond to what they read and see faster.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Often, you can create even more value for the reader of an email when you’ve added a lead capture document or video. A lead capture is anything on your website that helps them understand your value.

Ultimately, these additions ask the reader to not just learn more about you, but also ask them to work with you.
These types of emails can take the form of an outbound email, but differ once you add a valuable download to the email and they read it. The goal is to convert more leads into paying customers by adding content such as a PDF or video series to an email.

Lead nurturing could be an email campaign geared toward warm or old leads. Once you have a meeting with somebody, it would be a great idea to send an automated LN email. These emails would follow up with them every couple weeks to see if now is a good time for them to partner with you.

Up-selling or Retargeting Emails

These are emails a company sends when a customer searches their site for a particular item and then they send the customer an email based on that search.

Check out this link for info on how to create better email Create Better Email Campaigns with StoryBrand.

Website Design

corinne-kutz-tMI2_-r5Nfo-unsplash (1).jpg

Having great web design is about increasing the perceived value of your brand, making it really easy for people to understand what you do; what problem you solve; and how it makes their life better.

It’s easier than ever to create a web site that looks really good, so this is a minim requirement.

If your website design looks bad or outdated, it undermines the viewers trust in you.

To that end, having a great site is an essential starting point to running a business.

Check out StoryBrand Website Examples to learn more about how StoryBrand can help you achieve more from your website.

Websites should not be…

1. Overwhelming and noisy

Websites should be…

1. Simple in design
2. House multiple calls to action
3. Load quickly
4. Look great
5. Easy to navigate (the user experience should be incredibly easy)
6. Easy to understand

All of these quickly boil down to one main idea: A reader should to be able to skim your site and know what you do.

Because messaging is the foundation for any great marketing campaign, we run websites through the brunt test. Before scrolling down, readers should look at your site for 5 seconds and know who you are and what you

Message is the foundation for any great marketing.
— Evan Knox


Blogging is when someone writes entertaining or informative content and articles, increasing your websites traffic. One way blogs drive traffic to your site when they’re shared on social media and linked back to your page. Blog posts should have a button or a link on them to connect the reader back to your company’s landing page. In this way, blogging is a win-win because they can be resource content to your potential customers and can also help you with search engine marketing. For search engine optimization (seo), Google analytics likes informative and helpful blog posts written in a specific way. Google will actually move you up the result page the better your content is related to your key word.

Social Media

Social Media content marketing leverages platforms like Twitter, Linked, Snap chat, ect. to create photos, video, or written content. Facebook is great for pairing photo and video with captions that move people to connect with you brand. Content marketing is competitive so it’s important to find a niche. Facebook and IG can give you that niche.

Again, both Facebook and IG are competitive and highly visual. You’ll need to have really beautiful photos and video that engages people quickly for your content to drive people to your website. LinkedIn is great for written content over highly engaging photos and videos.

People on LinkedIn want to grow and expand their network. For that reason, content on LinkedIn must equip the learner to engage their mind before selling them a product using flashy photography.


A common mistake people make is setting themselves up to be the hero for their customer. The truth is we are only the guide for our customer’s success. It’s time to start setting up the customer to be the hero. Click the button below and find out how.

Written By: Tanna Bagwell
Position: Social Media Intern
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