Our Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Businesses

 If you have a small business you need a social media strategy. Social media is a vital part of modern business and if you don’t already have an online social media presence you need to start now! Here are our top 5 social media sites your business needs to be.

1.    Instagram


This visual platform is great for connecting with customers in your niche. Share anything from a picture with a call to action to a video tutorial or vlog.  This platform has so many different features you can use for business such as IGTV, Product tagging/shopping and Insta stories.  This social media site is great for promoting small businesses and boosting your online sales. Get personal or update your followers about a special promotion or campaign you’re launching. You can get great feedback from people who are truly interested in what you’re selling and valuable insight into what they want they want to see more of. Send out polls and questions on your Insta stories to directly communicate with your followers. 

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2.    Facebook 


Facebook is a powerful tool for building your small business and helps increase your web traffic. Let your customers get a taste of what your business has to offer without them actually having to come into your store. This platform has over 2 billion users giving your business tons of free exposure. Use Facebook to gain more leads and reach a targeted audience with paid ads. Just like Instagram Facebook will give you insights that tell you analytics such as engagement, post reach and page likes. With Facebook your consumers have the option of being able to shop straight from their phone on the app – no switching from platform to platform. 


3.    Twitter 


In the sales and marketing world Twitter is the place to be. Increase your visibility, connect with your dream clients and keep your customers updated. Don’t forget to use hashtags. This text-based social media allows you to listen to complaints and feedback so you can improve your business and find out what really works. Use this platform to build a community and invite them to engage with you! This app will increase your opportunity for sales and strengthen brand awareness. 

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4.    Pinterest


This social platform has huge content marketing and branding potential. With over 100 million monthly active users this is the site that helps get your products and ideas out to the public. Learn to leverage Pinterest to increase sales and stay in touch with your online community. You can add to boards and pin your products or you can create a mood board for inspiration. If you are selling to females this space is the place to be as it is dominated by women in their early twenties to late thirties. Pinterest focuses much less on followers and much more on finding unique items to share with smaller groups of people. 


5.    YouTube 


Use YouTube for all your video marketing needs. You have extraordinary exposer on this site and with videos your viewers can get a good look into your brands personality. You can make sit down videos, how-to videos, vlogs- the opportunities on this channel are limitless. Captivate your audience and increase your brands exposure by making noteworthy videos and commenting back to who knows Remember Google also owns YouTube so when you use them together you can really increase your rank and visibility on Google. 

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Which social platform is your favorite?