Top 5 Free Logo Generator Apps and Websites for your Business


A logo is one of the most vital branding investments you will make for your business. Your logo is an efficient marketing tool and is the first thing people see when they are looking up the service or product you offer, so make sure it stands out!

You want your logo to be simple, memorable, versatile and timeless as this will brand your business for years to come. If you have an amazing product or service but are struggling with how to brand your business, look no further. We have compiled a list of the 5 free logo building sites to get you started. 


·     Shopify

This logo generator is at the top of our list. Easily create a beautiful logo within seconds from your iPhone or iPad. Choose from hundreds of templates and find one that’s just right for your brand and business.  You don’t have to  be technologically savvy to use this generator as it is very easy to manipulate designs. 

·     Canva            

With Canva the possibilities are endless.  You can easily drag and drop your elements placing/ rotating them exactly where you want them. This site gives you access to hundreds of free images and graphics you can use to brand yourself. 

·     SquareSpace

SquareSpace has a logo creator that is not only straight forward but incredibly easy to operate. You start by putting in your business name and tagline, dragging and dropping your elements and within minutes you have a logo. You can easily change out fonts and colors to make a design that encompasses everything your business stands for. 

·     LogoMaker

LogoMaker is another great design tool that uses abstract icons and graphics. This site has an ask-a-friend feature that allows you to invite your friends to check out your logo ideas so that you can get valuable advice and design your logo to its fullest potential.  

 ·     Design Hill

Design Hill lets you to choose from thousands of icons, fonts and colors. This simple three step process produces logos that are tailored to your exact industry and business. You can even see what your logo would look like printed on cards, shirts or other merchandise. This site also has a design marketplace that connects you with expert designers for a small sum that won’t break the bank. 


All of these logo generators will give you high quality customizable images but keep in mind this process still requires a lot of thought and detail as your logo should incorporate both your business’s ethos and goals all in a single image. 

 Did we name one of your favorite free logo design tools? If not let us know your favorite site to use to create beautiful branded logos.


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