3 Insanely Helpful Tips to Brand Yourself on Social Media

Social media is the first handshake that invites your audience into your world and lets them get to know you better. This gives them behind the scenes access to your business and allows them to relate, trust and engage with your brand. Making sure your online persona reflects your mission and company morals while also being light hearted and relatable isn’t always a walk in the park.  Don’t be fooled, social media branding is long process and takes a ton of effort. Here are some tips so you can better brand your business and start crushing it on social media.  


1.    Stay Consistent and Uniform 

You want your brand to stay consistent and true to its roots. Having the same image and name across platforms allows you to be easily found and gives people a concrete image to picture when they think of your brand. Strong and clear branding is also important and will help you grow faster. If you have an extremely long “about page” because you are trying to appeal to the masses, just don’t. If you’re trying to reach everyone chances are you’re probably reaching no one. Take out all the fluff on your website and write a clear and concise message so you can start attracting your true tribe. 


2.    Engage and Post Regularly 

Establish goals and then make social media strategies that align with your goals. One of your goals should be posting authentic and relevant content your followers can engage with. Don’t go weeks without posts and expect your audience to still be there. You will lose them if you aren’t posting consistently. A great way to post regularly is to plan out content in advance . If you are consistent and keep pushing out great content your followers are going to want to engage with you… don’t leave them hanging. Respond and like the comments of the people who are already showing up for you. 


3.    Be authentic 

Authenticity is vital. Sharing who your brand is and the people who are behind it ultimately builds trust within your niche. Make sure you are speaking to people on a human level and relating with them. A great question to ask yourself is what makes your business unique and makes it stand out from the rest? Maybe it’s your friendly and dedicated employees or a killer new product that nothing can compare to. Take a step back to look at the bigger picture and really find out what makes people want to follow you and share your content. 


Social media can an amazing brand awareness and sales tool. Make social media a priority and hopefully these tips will help you brand yourself better and ultimately drive sales for your business. Social media can help you build a loyal customer base. Are you on social media? If so, which platforms?

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