Things 3 - Our Must-Have/Favorite Productivity App

If you’re looking to have a better project experience, stay organized, and boost productivity, then the app “Things 3” s a MUST HAVE. This product management tool is available on iOS and MacOS and is a game changer. If you’re planning a new project or have a million to-do lists laying around or have a million projects floating around in your mind, this app is for you. Things 3 has powerful, user-friendly features that are sure to help you stay organized and reach your biggest goals.


List Building 

You can build a to-do list unlike any other. Plug in your morning to-do list, put it on repeat, and easily drag and drop different bullets around to prioritize what’s most important or time sensitive. You can have your grocery list and work lists easily accessible but separated and can always archive assignments for later or move around a task to another day. The intuitive calendar feature allows you to change around and organize your busy schedule easily. Remind yourself of a meeting or birthday by pulling in future events and never miss a beat.


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Create a Project

Craft a time-based project and reach your goals in no time with Things 3. You can categorize your goals by personal or work to keep yourself organized and your priorities in check. We love that we can add tags (similar to hashtags on Instagram) to make your projects easily searchable. If you have multiple “fitness” or “food” projects tags, they will be organized together and can be found easily with just a tap. You can set deadlines, time limits, add headers, duplicate, or repeat a project if you have a routine assignment, bi-weekly, or monthly (like a newsletter). If your plans change, you can quickly add in new objectives/goals by using the drag and drop feature in the app.


If you’re looking for a simple way to coordinate a project and keep yourself on track, this app will be your best friend. Things 3 isn’t free but is well worth the investment. Let us know what you think of this productivity app or share your own in the comments down below!

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