The Offical 2019 National Food Holiday Calendar

One of the easiest ways to bring people into your restaurant is run a promotion on food holidays. The chances are that if you don't have a calendar that you pay attention to, you might be losing sales. What you need is a calendar to keep you on track with the upcoming holidays so that you can make the most of your social media marketing. Doing this well will get people to come to your local restaurant. Chances are most people looking for a food calendar are in the restaurant business, but if you are creative, this might work for other businesses to consumer businesses as well.

If you're a marketer working to leverage the most of this food-holiday system, we looked long, hard, and wide for the best calendar and found it for you.

Here is a Google calendar of all the dates, enjoy - Food Holidays

Maybe you're not wondering how to leverage the food calendar and what holidays work best for you. One of our clients is a local Mexican restaurant, and the precise dates that they would use are National Margarita Day and National Taco Day. Another creative idea would be to choose holidays that are not in their niche and do something fun like a post with the copy "Tacos > Burgers even on #NationalBurgerDay ❤️."

The key to being successful on these days is to have fun, don't overthink it, and be generous with your promotions.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing