The Time is Now: Use Spark and Love Your Email Again

It’s time to take back control of your inbox. Spark uses advanced tools to sort and prioritize your inbox so you can get organized and stay on top of your emails.

Your email inbox can feel like a stressful place when you don’t know where to start responding. Spark’s smart inbox sorts your mail and makes it effortless to find your emails fast. Separate your work and personal emails and start tackling emails by priority and time sensitivity. This process will allow you to put out your most essential fires first so you can work more productively. With Spark, you’ll eliminate overflowing inbox’s, and you won’t spend unnecessary time skimming your inbox for that important email.


Selected Notifications

This high tech app takes the aggravation out of looking at your emails. Set your inbox to notify you only about specific topics, so you aren’t constantly bombarded with dings and notifications all day long.


Simply tap on an email thread to archive it for later. This feature will remove it from your inbox but not delete it forever. You can easily organize your archived posts and look them up in the future.


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Quick Reply

Spark even has a quick-reply feature that allows you to immediately tap your screen to send an email reply such as a small, “call me,” “great idea,” etc. Doing so allows you to acknowledge that you’ve seen a message without you having to sit down and adequately respond at that moment.


Reminder Feature

Spark has a handy reminder feature that reminds you when you need to follow up with emails. No more forgetting about conversations or responding late in the game.


You can customize your smart inbox exactly how you want it. This app is one of our favorites, so if you haven’t tried it already make sure to give Spark Mail a chance today! What’s your favorite feature about Spark?


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