Add Instant Value to Your Marketing with these Tips for 2019

Marketing Trends in 2019

2018 has come and gone. Instagram and Facebook continue to decline in organic engagement, but there is plenty of hope to be had. Your best is yet to come, and I’m going to lay out some helpful points to consider going into 2019 for your company.

Go hard on producing Linkedin content. While advertising on Linkedin isn’t underpriced, the time it takes to build the content on there is. B2B businesses pay attention. You need to be on here.

Get super niche with your Facebook ads. If your ads are not working, you’re not "niche" enough with your targeting and content. It’s extremely underpriced.

If you have great video content - Youtube pre-roll ads are a must.

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. Audit your time and be more efficient. You’re not getting any younger, and the competition is waiting for you to drop.

If you can, start a podcast.

Don’t give up on producing content on Instagram and Facebook.

Brand > Sales

In other words, think quality and the long game.

And give everything away you can.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing