A Few Golden Nuggets of Knowledge We Gained this Week

Here is the gold that didn't get put in a blog post but was too good not to share.

To make the most connections at a party or event, stand where people leave after they get their food. Try not to stand before the meal or right where they enter the door since people's minds will be focused elsewhere.

Good marketing messaging is guiding your customers through an exercise in memorization.

Your brain goes through three stages during the day, and you should adjust your work accordingly to be your most productive:

Peak - Your hardest most analytical work in the morning.

Trough - After lunch, your least productive, and possibly best for admin-like tasks.

Rebound - You’re more energetic than before, in the afternoon, but not fully analytical. It’s a better time for creative tasks where getting distracted is okay and might help you come up with better ideas.

Leadership is an influence, not the spotlight. It’s garnished over time by handling details and people well.


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Evan Knox

Founder Of Caffeine Marketing