10 Key Insights On Using Instagram Stories in Marketing

Instagram stories are a great way to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Post videos and photos on your stories and use the many features it has to offer to engage with your audience and do things like promote a new service or product. The story features are very customizable and the possibilities are endless. This real time marketing strategy can help your audience better connect with your brand and leave them wanting more.

Here’s an insight into all the ways you can utilize Instagram Stories for your business today!


1. Post Polls

Use the polls button to settle a debate or find out what your consumers are interested in seeing more of. You can use the basic Yes & No or you can customize your buttons with emojis.

 2.    Change your Lettering

You can easily modify the font, style and color of your words. Try drawing all over your story using the different style pens and markets. Get creative and draw stars, swirls, arrows and more to draw attention to your post. 


3.    Use Gifs 

Use Gifs to add a moving flare to your stories. Add the day of the week or a cute moving graphic to evoke emotion such as confetti to announce a giveaway winner. 


IMG_1522 2.PNG

4. Instagram Filters

You can swipe to put a filter over your story to enhance it and make it unique or click the smiley face on the top of your screen to add features like sunglasses ,dog ears and more.


5.    Donation Button 

Support your favorite nonprofits or raise money for a cause you’re passionate about. Use your platform to influence people and encourage them to support and spread the word. 


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6.    Location

Use the location button to show where you are located. You can get re-posted from this location tag or click into it to see all sorts of photos of people who visited there.

IMG_1521 2.PNG

7. Ask Questions

Use the question button to ask your audience anything you want. Ask for input and share the most comment questions or spread positivity but sharing the best part of your audiences week.

8.    Hashtags

Don’t forget to add hashtags to your stories so you can get into the top stories for that hashtag and get discovered by your dream clients. 

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9.    Music 

Add a little something extra to your insta videos and play a popular song to catch your audience’s attention. This adds a whole new dimension to your video. 



10. Countdown

Countdown to the end of a giveaway or launch of a new product. This will get people excited and intrigued them.

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Which feature on Instagram Stories do you use most? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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