Updating Your Homepage with Clear Messaging using StoryBrand

Every couple of months, you should be refreshing your website to show what’s new and relevant to your audience. Make sure the verbiage on your homepage is clear and concise; let your consumer know exactly what you’re selling or offering. Double check that the header graphic or video on your homepage is visually appealing and draws a clear picture of what life could look like with your product or service. Within the first few seconds, your consumer should know precisely what you are selling and how it fixes a problem or fills a need.


Create a Strong Header

The first thing your audience is going to see is your header, so make sure it’s strong and brief. Try not to confuse people, and they won’t have to guess what you’re trying to say or which references you’re trying to make. Keep it short and sweet; don’t start writing super long and detailed product descriptions on the front page of your website. You want to have a strategic reason for every single word and image on your website. You only need to incorporate a few key elements on your homepage to make it clear and compelling.



-      The most dependable electrician in Georgia

-      New Jewelry designs. One of a kind and made just for you.

-      We help you discover your dream house


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Homepage Image or Video

You want the image or video on your homepage to be high quality. Be sure the media you choose is communicating the value that your product or service will give them. Paint a picture of how life could look if they were to invest in your product. You can post a video of a testimonial or a fast forward recording of how to assemble your product. If you are promoting your car wash, don’t just have an image of the car wash. Instead, have a picture of a person in their clean car driving out of the car wash with a smile of their face. Go a step above and place your consumer into the story you are drawing to help them really envision themselves in this story. This thought allows them to visualize better what your service can do for them.

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