7 Things Every Pro Knows When Taking a Killer iPhone Picture

If you have an iPhone you have the ability to take high quality photos right at your fingertips. Here are some tips to help you kill the game and take your content from drab to fab!  

·     Clean off your screen

Our phones never leave our hands and our hands are constantly covered in oils.  Wipe off your lens before taking a picture and make sure it’s smudge free. This may seem simple, but it is one of the most common mistakes people make when taking a photo.   

·     Follow the light 

Lighting is everything! Make sure you’re not taking photos in direct sunlight.  The best times to take a photo is in the morning or during the late afternoon when the sun isn’t harsh. If you’re inside, make sure you are shooting near a window with natural light. Never have your subject positioned with the light behind them. Always make sure your subject is facing the light for the most optimal photo.  

·     Stop being Shaky 

So often a photo turns out blurry because we can’t hold our phones still. You can easily fix this by resting your elbows on something sturdy or pushing your body up against a wall for stabilization. Keep in mind you can always buy a tripod if you’re feeling fancy. Here’s a great Universal iPhone TwistGrip Tripod from Amazon that we highly recommend.  

·     Rule of thirds

Your iPhone has a grid that can easily help you improve the composition of your photos making them more aesthetically pleasing. You can enable this by going to Settings > Photos & Camera and enabling the grid switch. This also enables a leveling tool which can help tremendously with still life photos or food photography. 

·     Burst Mode 

If you’re taking an action shot burst mode will be your best friend. This feature takes 10 photos per second giving you a wide range of photos to choose from. With a large assortment of photos, you are left with options, so you can pick the most ideal photo for your message.  

·     Focus 

Your iPhone will automatically choose a specific area to focus on and it isn’t always what you are trying to emphasis. To avoid this, its best if you choose the focal point yourself. This can be easily done by framing your image and then tapping on the exact part of the image to be the focal point. When your subject is in focus the background will blur, a  yellow box will appear and thats means you’re ready to shoot. 

·     Portrait Mode

This is great for clear closeup images and really enhances the aperture of your photos (aka gives you a nice blurred background). Only use this mode if the lighting is amazing as photos will turn out grainy and dull if you shoot in low light. Stand 2-8 feet away from your subject and wait for the words “Natural Light” to appear in yellow at the bottom of your screen.


What are some of your favorite photography tips!? Let us know down below. 


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