How to Institute Change in a Company, in 3 Steps

Something that can be really challenging is instituting change where you work. Some factors that come into play might be the fear of losing your job or diffricult people to work with. Be encourged that it can be done no matter how large, complex, or resistant to change your organization is. Embarking on the this journey will require patience and reseliency. YOU CAN DO IT.

Before we get started I want to give you two options to consider when it comes to intituting change. The first one is from the Harvard Business Review and I think is a well done educational approach. After that I want to give you a simple framework that might be a little easier to remember and implement.

Harvard Business Review Article

  1. Establish a sense of urgency

  2. Form a powerful guiding coalition of people

  3. Create a clear and concise vision

  4. Communicate the vision

  5. Empower others to act on the vision

  6. Consolidate improvements and produce more change

  7. Institute new approaches

Evan’s simple three step process to insitiing change.

  1. Cultivate influence

  2. Agitate the problem

  3. Provide a solution with a vison

Cultivate Influnce

Cultivateing influnce takes emotional intelligence and self awareness. In order for people to really listen to you they need to trust you. There is no shortage of opinions and especially in the workplace. In order to seperate yourself from all the noise you need to build influnce with those around you. There is not a hard and fast way to build influence and sometimes it even comes from your abilility to institute change.

A great starting point to cultivate influence is to care about other people. This alone however will make people like you but it won’t necessarly make people listen to your idea. You also need to be competent. Competency in your skills and competency in what you speak about.

Things that can sabotage you influnce are arrogance, selfishness, and being unreliable with people. Let your yes mean yes and your no mean know. In otherwords people should be able to trust what you say.

Agitate the problem

People are more motivated by pain than they are pleasure. People buy solutions to problems and they are called products or services. Intiuting change is about sales. You’re selling your change and you should properly agitate the problem enough so that people want a solution.

Yoou do not need over exaggerate the problem but if you do not properly convey the weight of issue your change is solving people will not feel the same urgency you do.

Let people know what’s at risk if your company does not change.

Provide a solution with a vison

The key to ptiching your idea well is that you’re not the hero of the Story. Whoever you are talking to is the hero of their own story and your change is the prodcut that will help them get what they want. You’re job is to be the guide and help them understand why they need whatever change you are looking to bring.

Even more so that people need to understand the core problem that your change solves they need to understand how great life is going to be on the other side of that isssue.

Your job as an ambassodor of change is to paint a very clear pitcure of sucess for your boss and co-workers. Doing this properly will help them understand what’s in it for them. You need to be super clear on what to expect when it comes to your change and how it going to make their life better.

Let me know what you’re trying to chagne in the comments below and I hope it was helpful!


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing