Grow Your Word-of-Mouth-Marketing With Impactful Moments

Creating experiences your customers want to share

To create word of mouth talking points, you need to make working with the memorable and sharable. People do not remember the sum of all the good experiences divided by the time spent; they remember the peaks of working with you.

Humans remember key peak moments but must be thoroughly "whelmed" first. In other words, their basic expectations should be met first. All the basics must be covered before people will remember the great things. If the service at a restaurant is terrible, you will forget the great food.

Try to think through what a talking point could be where customers don't expect it.

Survey customers or clients and ask them what they expected at different stages of the relationship. The worst thing to do would be to try creating a peak moment where your client already expected one. Doing so will also make sure you're adequately "whelming" your customers.

Here's how to pick which moment to create.

  1. Write down all your ideas.

  2. Circle your favorites.

  3. Pick ONE and triple down on it.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing