How To Grow Your Followers On Instagram

Instagram has 1 billion active users on their app. Yes, you heard that right, ONE BILLION. Crazy right? Instagram has become one of the most popular photo sharing applications to this day. You have the freedom to create to your desire, share your creations with others, and get inspired with new ideas every day. 


Have you ever wondered how to grow your followers on Instagram? Get more people to notice your brand? More followers mean more sales, more blog views, and more customers! 

It’s a lot easier than you may think. Here are some ways that you can grow your followers on Instagram.


1.     Have a theme for your feed

Having a consistent theme for your Instagram feed is a great way to gain new followers. Remember that time you were scrolling on the popular page on Instagram and you stumbled upon a super aesthetically pleasing photo and turns out the whole feed it aesthetically pleasing? Yeah me too. People are more prone to follow an Instagram page if the feed is to their liking. They are expecting more of the same type of photos. 

How can you create a good theme? It definitely takes some long thoughts and creativity. 

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In trying to find out how to make your content go viral, figure out what type of pictures you want to post and what type aesthetic you want your followers to see. Your theme should be a reflection of your brand and your goals as a business.  Pay attention to which posts get the most likes. This will tell you what type of content your followers are liking and what you should post more of. 

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Although it is good to have a consistent theme, don’t be afraid to switch it up. According to, Marko Medic, who is an Instagram lifestyle micro-influencer, says that one of the key ways to create a killer Instagram feed is to take a different approach to everyday situations. It is good to think outside the box. Be more creative. Try something you have never tried before. 


Editing is another key factor in having a great Instagram theme. Once you took the picture and got the right lighting, now it is time to edit. Make sure to edit your photos pretty much the same to keep up with the theme. There are some really great (and free!) editing apps that you can use to obtain that perfect picture. This includes: VSCO, Lightroom and A Color Story, but that’s just to name a few. Play around with the different apps and see which one works best for you and your theme. 


2.     Socialize with other Instagram accounts

Instagram is a great place to meet new people. Start with liking tons of photos on Instagram that reflect the same theme you are trying to portray. The more interactive you are with your followers and other accounts, the more recognition you will get. Leave comments under others photos. Comment encouraging words that show the account that you genuinely like their photos and want them to post more content. 


3.     Contests and Giveaways

Hosting contest and giveaways is a great way to increase engagement and get people talking about your brand. Entering in for a chance to win free merchandise and all you have to do is like a photo and tag some friends. Your job as the brand is easy. Just post a photo and explain in the comments the rules to enter like reposting the image you originally posted, liking the post and tagging a couple of friends. You could even get your followers to tell you their favorite thing about your brand as an extra entry. 


Doing collaboration giveaways with other brands and popular Instagrammers is another creative way to gain new followers and potential customers.


4.     Geotag your Instagram Photos

Found a really good restaurant lately or entertainment spot and you want to show your followers just exactly where it was? That’s the beauty of a geotag. Instagram defines geotagging as “a technical term for storing the latitude and longitude of your current location with your photo. This data is collected by the GPS device in your phone or tablet and is accessible to Instagram if you grant permission.” 



Instagram allows you tag the exact place you are visiting, and your followers can click on the tag and it will show them on the map where it is. Your business can even be geotagged so your customers can easily see where you are. By clicking the geotag on someone’s story or their photo, you can also see other users’ photos, if their profile is public, to see what type of experience they had. This helps in showcasing other products and showing off other customer experiences.


5.     Participate in Collaborations

Collabing with other businesses or popular influencers is a great way to grow your followers! Let’s go back to the contests. Most fashion and lifestyle influencers on Instagram team up with other similar influencers for contest purposes and requires you to be following the other influencers in order to have a chance to win. Once people have followed the all the participating influencers, they will most likely start going through their feed and checking out their posts. Then they become a follower for life. See how easy that was? 


There are a lot of different collaboration ideas that you can participate in to grow your followers. Taking over pages is a popular one. Most celebrities will take over an Instagram page to promote themselves like a musical artist taking over a page of an awards show they are performing for. This will get users on your page to check out their favorite artist or influencer and will most likely get them to scroll through your feed. 


Some other simpler ways to do collaborations if you are not a musical artist is to appear in each other’s videos and photos. Boutiques will often collab with fashion influencers in exchange for promotion of their apparel. There will usually be about 5 or 6 girls who will take a trip with the brand for a photoshoot and small getaway to promote a new collection or new arrivals. Everyone will get tagged in the photo including the brand and all the girls who participated so all the followers on all accounts will get exposure and hopefully new followers. 

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6.     Utilize Instagram Stories


Instagram now has Instagram stories which is a 24-hour story on your feed that people can view like a post, but it expires. Instagram stories has a lot of cool features like stickers, gifs, music, polls, and much more! As a brand, you can make your Instagram stories unique to fit your aesthetic. Be creative and interactive. Dunkin Donuts frequently does polls and questions on their Instagram stories as a way to interact with their followers. This is also a good way to see what your followers are interested in. 


Clothing shops and boutiques will often run polls on their stories asking their followers to help them choose what to buy for their store and which pieces are their favorite. This makes the followers feel more special and makes it more personal. It shows that the brand actually cares about their follower’s opinion, after all, you wouldn’t be in business without your customers/followers. 


Your Instagram story can even pop up on the explore page! The explore page is designed to show you similar posts of people you follow or posts that you have liked. Using popular hashtags will make your posts more discoverable to more people. When a business uses at least one hashtag, it gets 12.6% more engagement than those don’t use hashtags.



7.     Organize your Instagram stories into Highlights

Instagram stories have definitely become a popular feature but they only last for 24 hours and then boom, they’re gone. Another fun feature that Instagram has recently rolled out are highlights. Your highlights allow you to keep anything you post on your stories for more than 24 hours. You can organize your highlights into different categories. For example, a boutique can have highlights named “new arrivals”, “try-on”, and “reviews”. This way new followers can see some of the new items they have recently posted, try on sessions with items, and how people review their items. Make sure your stories tell who you are as a brand. 


8.     Be Consistent with your Posting

One of the easiest ways to gain new followers and keep old ones it to make sure you are constantly posting. No one wants to follow an Instagram account who won’t commit to posting, what’s the point? A good way to help stay consistent with posting is it to start using a social media management app. One app that is helping thousands of social accounts with posting is Sprout Social. Sprout social is a social media management application that gives you a simple solution to publishing posts, tracking analytics and engagements throughout all your social platforms. 


Sprout Social is super easy to navigate and only takes a minute to figure out. You simply just add an image or video to your queue, type up a caption along with hashtags and any mentions, and schedule the exact time and date it needs to be posted and voila! You have one less post to worry about. 

Track what times and days your followers are most active. By knowing this, you can know which times to post where you’ll get the most engagement. Your followers want to know they are getting great content from the moment they hit that follow button. 

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9.     Monitor your Instagram

It is just as easy to lose followers as it is to gain them. Keep track of how well your posts are performing and how frequently you are losing or gaining followers. Instagram business has a feature called Insights that tracks your engagement, likes, new profile visits, and more. This is an easy and free way to keep up with your account and it even compares those numbers to how your account was performing in the past week. 



10.  Create a fire caption

The caption on an Instagram photo is probably one of the most important and most stressful things to do while posting. You want to make your caption engaging and entertaining. If you have a great caption, chances are people will continue to follow your account in hopes of more great captions and share them with their followers so they can see your fine wording. 

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Witty and funny captions are always a winner. I mean, who doesn’t love a good laugh while they are scrolling through all their posts. A call to action is also a good way to help increase engagement. Say things like “share your story in the comments” or “what’s your favorite thing about our brand”. This gives people a chance to be interactive with other followers and your account. And last but certainly not least, emojis. Emojis are basically in everyone’s vocabulary by now. It just makes messages more fun and livelier. wrote that certain emojis can spike engagement including comments, likes, and shares. Add a couple of relevant emojis to your caption to add a little razzle dazzle to your post. 

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Kierra Amerson

Social Media Intern

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