How To Grow Your Biz by 25% (Hint: Leveraging Your Team is Key)

Your team will determine how far and fast your company goes.

Imagine a bus where the floor is cut out, and it’s old school similar to the Flintstones; everyone must move their feet to drive the bus forward. In your company, you have the following people on your team.

Runners - These are all-star team players who buy into the company and its mission. They are humble, hungry, and smart.

Joggers - These people are similar to the runners in the way that they have high production value, but it’s all about them and recognizing them.

Walkers - They do just enough to get by. They are not invested in the best interest of the company and are only there for a paycheck.

Riders - They gossip, it’s all about them, and typically do little to nothing to move the company forward. They are just dead weight.

It's possible that you might need to get rid of the riders but your best bet is to start by creating an expectation, and it's possible they will filter out themselves. Additionally, most people can grow, so it's important that the expectation and support are there for them as well. Great leaders are usually created, not found.

If you want your company to grow by 25%, help your team grow 25%.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing