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define your customer's problem

After you’ve identified what your customers what, you need to define the problem your product/service solves. The problem can be found by asking, "what is keeping my customer from getting what they want?" People's brains are attracted to solving problems. Sometimes people don’t know what their problem is unless you define it.

People will know you based on what problem you solve. That’s why they are on your website or looking for you on social media. People will forget you unless you are known for solving a problem.

Three levels of problems you’ll want to define for your customer:

  • External - The physical need that people have - grow their business, eat food, drive somewhere.

  • Internal - How your customers are feeling about the external problem - wants to be perceived as successful, wants relief from everyday life, their life is full of anxiety and wants the car to be a safe space.

  • Philosophical  - What’s plain wrong about the problem your customer is experiencing? It shouldn’t be so hard to grow a business, food should taste delicious, cars should bring peace to our lives.

If you can create a narrative where you solve all three levels of your customer's problems, you’ll not just have your customers attention, they will love you.

The temptation is to sell to the external problem, but humans buy things because they solve an internal problem. People are primarily attracted to you because you’re solving the internal feeling they are experiencing.

Bottom line -

Your customer is interested in you because you can solve a problem. You need to communicate that so they pay attention.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing