2 StoryBrand Tasks You Must do to Get More Customers

After you’ve established a simple plan for people to start working with you, it’s time to call them to action.

People do not take action until they are told to do so.

You need to make it clear and not be bashful about what you want them to do.

You need to be confident that your product will solve your customer's problem.

Create an explicit “Buy Now” button for people to click. It should be a contrasting color to everything else on your website and stand out.

Explicitly ask for the sale.

Most people will not convert on this though so you need to have a

transitional call to action.

It’s like asking someone one a date.

The goal is to slowly on-ramp people to your product or service at the speed of an actual relationship. In other words, create a relationship.

The secondary goal is to create reciprocity while establishing yourself as an authority.

Bottom line -

Your marketing should include a clear, direct call to action and a transitional one as well.


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Evan Knox

Founder Of Caffeine Marketing