Get Customers to Trust You - The StoryBrand Approach

You’re not the hero

The first step in getting customers to trust you is making sure you’re not the hero of their narrative. They are their own hero in their story, and you want to come alongside them as a guide to help them get what they want.

Customers subconsciously choose people to work with that understand that the story is really about them. Don’t worry about being "just the guide" because the guides are the strongest characters in the story.

If you keep talking about yourself, eventually customers are going to wonder, "is this really about you or is it about me?" People can smell if a brand is all about themselves or helping people.

After understanding this, you want to do two things:

express empathy and establish authority.

When you express empathy, it creates a bond between you and your customers. It also signals that you know what they are experiencing. “We know what it feels like when… Like you, we are troubled by…” etc.

After that, you have to establish yourself as competent. Your customer is looking for someone qualified. You don’t want to overdo it; it’s supposed to be subtle. Some statistics, client logos, any media you’ve done, and testimonials go a long way.

In those testimonials, make them reasonably short with a max of three. Include information that demonstrates your competency and overcomes objections.


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Evan Knox

Founder Of Caffeine Marketing