How to Get Amazing Customer Testimonials for Your Website

It’s time to start getting proactive about receiving testimonials from your clients. Let’s face it; they aren’t going to write themselves, so you need to develop a strategy. Start encouraging your customers to leave testimonials by giving them a call to action and give them words to use when raving about your brand.


Figure out the right time to reach out

If you’re selling them a product, make sure they have had an adequate amount of time to receive and test it out. For example, If you’re a wedding photographer, make sure to wait until after the couple’s honeymoon. If you’re a car mechanic, make sure you have completely fixed the issues they are having with the car before asking for a testimonial.


Share your Testimonials Everywhere

You should be proud of the product or service you are preaching about and should want everyone to know how your brand is helping enhance people’s lives. Post your testimonials on your website, email signup forms, sales page, contact page, and all over your social media platforms. Make sure to have your testimonials available at the times when your customer is making their decision to buy. For instance, if you are selling shampoo, place the testimonials under the button to purchase for easy visibility.


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Set up an Automation System

Set up an automated email that will shoot out to your clients a certain amount of days after they have purchased from you. Make sure to leave a clear and concise message that has a call to action and link it to a simple review/testimonial form.


Get Detailed and Specific

As a customer, it can be challenging to find the right words to write down in a testimony. Let them know how you have solved their problem with clear verbiage they can reiterate or let them know how your product has benefited their lives. Did you boost their confidence or help them work more effectively? Let them know! If you can give them some real numbers on how you helped enhance their lives, this will ultimately help you get detailed and quality reviews.


Start implementing these tips and start getting the testimonials your product or services deserve!

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