Creating Defining Moments (Insights from Chip & Dan Heath)

We remember the defining moments of our life. These are the meaningful experiences that stand out in your memory. As a company, you need to set out to create these defining moments. Over the next few blog posts, I’m going to walk you through how to do this. Most of this blog is my takeaways from a book called defining moments by Chip & Dan Heath.

Imagine if a manager knew exactly how to turn a moment of failure into a moment of growth. What if you had a better sense of how to create lasting experiences with your family? What if you could retain more customers and create talkable moments they want to share with their colleagues?

Research has found that when recalling an experience, people do not remember the entire experience; they only remember a few moments. Additionally, when people recall an experience, they don’t recall the full length correctly as time blends the further away from the event you are. This concept is called duration neglect.

Instead of remembering an entire experience, we internalize a few key moments and often the ending. These as flagship moments, peaks, the worst parts, and the transitions.

Some moments are vastly more meaningful than others, and often stick out in peoples memory. Powerful moments are created by utilizing these four critical types of moments: elevation, pride, insight, and connection.

If you can elevate the experience of a client above their expectation, you will win. If you can create pride for your kids in their accomplishments, they will remember that. If you can recognize and thank great employees or clients, your business will thrive. If you can give people insight they didn’t have before and help them think differently, it will stick with them. If you can form a connection by meaningful things you say, you’ll be cherished.


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Evan Knox

Founder Of Caffeine Marketing