3 Incredibly Easy Tips We Use to Craft a Killer Caption

Writing captions can sometimes feel like a daunting task. It can be a stressful event trying to be witty and real all while getting your message and personality across to your audience. Not to mention its time consuming and sometimes our minds run dry and we feel as though we have nothing of value to add. With these tips and tricks, we hope to give you confidence in your caption game. 


1.    Plan out captions in advance

Have you ever had an amazing photo you want to post right away but you spend 30 minutes asking friends what to write only to end up in the same place you started?  We aren’t always in a creative headspace and that’s okay. When you are feeling creative or have a bomb caption idea write it down in the notes section of your phone or use an Instagram planning app to plan out captions in advance. This will give you options and take the stress away from posting when you are feeling uninspired.


2.    Don’t leave your caption blank 

If you don’t have anything to say or are in a bad mood, don’t post (people will be able to tell) . Your image gives your followers a reason to like your photo, but a great caption can give them another opportunity to relate and engage in the comments. This is your chance to show your brands personality, so have fun with it and be yourself. Try using emojis and encourage a call to action like navigating them to a link in your bio or doing a giveaway where they can tag their friends in the comments.  


3.    Read aloud your caption         

So often we read things in our mind at lighting speed and miss small grammatical errors that could completely change the meaning of what we are trying to get across. Reading your captions out loud or to a friend allows you to catch those little mistakes before you press publish. This even helps you write your content in the most fitting words and best suited sentence structure. 


You don’t have to write a novel, it can be a string of a few strong words, just make sure your captions are purposeful and authentic! Hopefully this helps you write more captivating captions and gets your posts pushed to the Explore Page! 


What was your most well received Instagram caption? Let us know down below!

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