Using StoryBrand To Get More Customers to Work with You

Once you’ve defined what your customer wants, the problem that’s keeping them from getting what they want, and established yourself as the guide, it is now time to

develop a plan for your customers.

You need to understand this is the first time your customers are at risk. They are at risk of losing money and possibly feeling stupid.

People are going to come up with excuses for not working with you. Mainly that it’s too hard or It’s confusing. As soon as people hit that barrier, they are out and will not convert.

What you need to do is create a path or plan for your customers so that it is straightforward and easy for people to work with you.

It should be between 3-4 steps.

What you’re doing when you ask people to work with you is essentially like asking people to cross a river and come to you. What you want to do is create stepping stones to make it feel more comfortable for your customer.

You want to make your product or service Appear easy to use.

What three or four steps can you create to make it easier for people to work with you? This plan will help you convert more people into customers.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing