Clarify Your Message Using StoryBrand Marketing

If you use words to sell, it is essential that you clarify your message so that people will listen. Humans spend 30% of their day dreaming, and today we’re going to help make sure that it doesn’t happen when you’re talking to potential clients or investors.

The best way to communicate what you do is in the form of a story. Stories are formulas, and there are mainly only seven types of stories that are written. We want to utilize them so that people pay attention to what you’re saying.

Below I’m going to give you some insights on best practices in captivating the human brain to sell more stuff or move people to action.

We must clearly define what our customers want.

We should be known for solving a problem.

We need to be empathic to and thinking through customer's problems.

Position yourself as the guide and not the hero of the story. Customers are the hero, and they are not looking for another hero. They are looking for someone to help them get what they want.

People are encountering over 3,000 marketing messages per day, and it’s crucial that you stand out by communicating how it helps them, not just showcasing yourself.

We want to communicate clearly what our customer loses if they don’t engage our brand and what they'll gain if they do. Doing so is essentially showing customers what is at stake in the story.

Most customers won’t know that they have a problem unless you define it for them.

Our brains must often hear things eight times to internalize it and remember it, so don’t feel like you’re over communicating.

You can invite people into something better than just your product: a story.

Think of your new marketing message as blockbuster marketing because you’re using a well-worn path in the brain that people love to pay attention to: a story.


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Evan Knox

Founder Of Caffeine Marketing