How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Social Media Marketing?

Remember that birthday video Nick made for Jess on New Girl with the great opening line, the one narrated by Winston? “In the beginning, there was nothing. And then there was light and dark and ocean and birds and stuff. And then there was… Jess!” I feel that way about social media. “And then there was social media”. Crazy, impactful, wonderful, risky, time-consuming and value-creating social media. Social came onto the scene and made everyone rethink their personal appearance, photography skills, video skills, social status, marketing and advertising, everything. But the value of it became so effortlessly intrinsic to us so quickly that we may have forgotten to consider the why. Why do we post this or that collection of videos or photos? How does it help? Will it be valuable? Maybe you know your why or maybe you don’t. I’d like to propose we start thinking about our whys. Let’s think about whether we really know the opportunity cost, best strategies, messages and direction for our own social media marketing.

Managing a company’s social media marketing takes time, dedication and almost around-the-clock attention. Yes, hiring a social media manager to your small business team can be a great way to kickstart your social media marketing ideas. But what happens when they have to take vacation, need a sick day, or just can’t keep up with the scale your business needs? They’re a one-person team and you may or may not have the ability to bring on an intern for them.

The fact is, social media marketing takes way more thoughtful, strategic effort than it sounds at first. When you start thinking more about the impact social media can have on your business, it’s good to think realistically about your organization’s approach.

Ask yourself these questions as a starting point to considering what you can handle:

How much time do I have to devote to social media?
What content do I already have? Can I truly keep creating great quality content for the foreseeable future?
Do my potential customers sense a consistent branding approach with each post/story/email/video/etc?

If you’ve assessed that you need help based on your answer to these questions, consider hiring a social media company. Consider an entity who can help you with your why. Consider outsourcing.

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What is a social media company going to do?

Social media companies provide an extensive list of services and many guarantee an impressive ROI percentage for business owners. Check out the list below to see what all they can do for you.

25 things your social media company can do for you

1. Marketing Strategy Development Your own account management representative, daily monitoring and tracking, expert in your accounts
2. Social Media Channel Audit Review what’s working, failing and how to get on track as needed
3. Sales Funnel Creation Attract and convert customers with the right ads, engagement and landing pages
4. Analytics & Reporting Keep up with your stats and monitor industry shifts, capitalizing on brand awareness opportunities and social ads
5. Brand Awareness Get potential customers and content-hungry humans to notice you through brand recognition
6. Facebook Ads Create Facebook marketing ads that target potential customers on the most popular social media platform, Facebook
7. Instagram Marketing Post and share visually engaging content using the right techniques, styling and engagement
8. Pinterest Marketing Advertise to the retail consumers looking for products and services that best relate to yours
9. Content Creation and Publishing Produce, project manage and deliver the right content to the right platforms with purpose
10. Audience Research Figure out where your target audience resides online to determine how to optimally position content
11. Tracking Engagement Track how engaged you potential customers are with your brand on each platform
12. Influencer Marketing and Contests Select the best influencer from the right platform to promote your product or service as part of a social media campaign..
13. Customer Service Engage with the (intentionally) unending stream of follower comments, posts and tags
14. SEO Marketing Generate organic growth with search engine marking, such as through aquiring backlinks, optimizing for keywords, titles, URLs, etc.
15. Content Writing Sit back as your own content factory has someone else write all the Blogs and Newsletters you could ever dream of
16. Web Design and Development Update that outdated website, make it easy to understand
17. ROI Focus Someone else is in charge of making sure you get more than what you pay for
18. Traffic and Leads Leave a social footprint that provides lead generation and starts driving traffic directly to your site
19. Photography and Styling Satisfy your followers social appetite with engaging, methodical, well-designed images
20. Video Production Send clear, concise story-telling messages to your social audience and see your leads soar
21. Online Reviews, Reputation Management - Respond to customer reviews with tact, empathy and gratitude
22. Pay Per Click Marketing Use ppc to send people through your social funnel, if social is their thing
23. Tracking Calls
Log calls that come from different platforms so you know which platform is kiilllllinng it for you
24. Consulting
Chat with the owner and get first-hand social media consultations and advice on how to approach your social media presence
25. Coaching
Learn from the best social media minds who can get you where you want to go

Want to learn more about creating consistent web content on your own? Read The 3 Elements of Good Marketing Strategy to learn how to boost your social media strategy and start turning leads into customers.

How does outsourcing social media Marketing help you grow?

There are all kinds of benefits to having an outside company market your business on your social media. Even if you have a complicated service or truly technical product, a social media team can work on your behalf to: grow your following, get leads, strategically encourage your audience to try out your widget (amping up that free trail game, anyone?), etc. Ultimately, social media marketing extends your reach and helps you perform online at a higher level. But what if you didn’t have to worry about all the extra work load involved in up keeping your own accounts. When someone else does the work for you, the sense of relief from having time to focus on your operations and/or do what you love is more than worth it.

Not only will you have time to strategize and take your business to the next level, you’ll get the added benefits of:

- Decreased employee burden
- Lower labor and benefits cost
- Quickly starting and finishing new projects
- Increase staffing flexibility
- Ongoing, constant customer service

Stop giving your business away. Get that social media machine cranking, y’all. Start outsourcing social media cost and watch as your outsourced team helps your company grow while you sleep.

Not convinced social media is essential to business? Read 9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media by Keira.

How does it save you time?

When it comes to deciding who to outsource too, you have a few options. Some have more time saving potential than others.

You can go to a social media freelancer. The thing is, you’ll likely be spending time on the back and forth communication side with them as they execute each and every piece of content for you. In addition, you employ them so they are your contracted employee. There’s a chance you’ll pay them based on hourly rates. The time spent overseeing them/their work may or may not be worth it for you. It’s going to strongly depend on your approach and interpersonal skills to get them on the same page as you along the way. Even if you create the content, they’ll depend on you for last looks and maybe even the back end account admin work. Unless you work with freelancers that have a high experience level, potentially more expensive talent, you may have a big time wasting liability with a freelancer.

Another option, the one we’re proposing, is go with a social media company. A company is potentially going to be the same or just as costly as an experienced freelancer, but you’ll have more people on your team and they will save you so. much. time. Their social media packages are typically based on monthly fees. You only have to work alongside them at the start of your relationship before sending them off to take care of the rest. That’s because an outsourced team of people, big or small working on your behalf will be led by an expert. The expert and their team will make the most of those 25 things mentioned above in addition to managing each of your accounts with TLC. They’re content will be great, communication excellent and they’ll likely save you time. But how exactly will they save you time? Well, a few reasons.

Outside perspective means better PR

Because they’ve successfully worked with so many companies like yours, handled larger audiences like yours, they’re likely not going to be making costly mistakes. Case in point: They have an outside perspective. That can come in handle, especially when considering the time, money and hassle an in-house PR social blunder might cause.

Research and know-how? already there

In addition, the overwhelming amount of social media content can make it really hard to stand out. A social media company reviews content every day from different companies. They know what the trends are and they know how to capture the target audience you’re after. You as the in-house person won’t really have to be spending time researching or having your in-house team do the research; a social media company already has the information, techniques and vision you need to get you where you want to go.

Efficiency Saves Time!

Your marketing team is swamped. They don’t have time to take on another project. In fact, they want tasks taken off their plate. Can we humbly suggest that outsourcing social media to a proven, ROI-focused company is also a relieving proposition for your one-person, extremely stretched digital marketing team? When your power house marketer gets to breathe every now and then, their quality of work improves and their staying power soar-rockets.

We’d love to help take that workload off your hands (or maybe point you to a team that can help you). We have a content marketers approach to selling your product. Want more information? Read our guide with 5 Simple Steps to Create a Winning Sales Funnel.


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How much social media outsourcing can you afford?

Now let’s hop into assessing cost. The main question you’ll have to ask yourself before outsourcing is this:

What is my fixed cost and how much margin do I have?

Let’s say you own a booming post-production company that does sound editing and visual effects work on high-end wedding, corporate and music videos. To do final touches on the edits to a 5-minute wedding video, you charge $1000 for your company’s efforts and your margin is $500. In just a day’s time, your best employee adjusts the music, sound, and performs any final color-corrections needed. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it for your client (the videographer) to pay because they’re free to focus on 1) producing video and 2) the basic video editing story structure. They’ve already put together the story edit, they just need your company to perform the more technical aspects. And they’re willing to pay for it. In addition, the customer (the couple) is getting an amazing looking and sounding video edit at a fast turn around.

The Cost - With a social media company pulling you in additional customers each month, you can easily afford - let’s say - a $3,000/month package. That might seem high at first. But if the social media company outsourcing for you can leverage their services and pull you in at least 6 new customers (each with $1k projects), it pays for itself. That’s because at 50% ($500) you have wonderful margin in your product with which to work. And your post-production company will only continue to benefit once you’ve book the 7th customer.

Paid vs Organic

Now, let’s go over the differences between paid social media marketing and organic social media marketing.

The main thing to understand about organic social media marketing is that it’s a long term play. The impact you make with organic growth is all apart of building major value into your brand. With organic growth, you’re creating relationships. You’re not paying money here. Instead, you’re pouring your social media heart out into posts, shares, stories, reviews, etc.

With paid social media marketing really the sky’s the limit. In other words, paid ads on social media can extend as far as you want, based on what you’re willing to spend on social media. As long as you’re paid content is making you money, you’re on the right track to a successful outcome. Paid isn’t necessarily better than organic. You need both for a great marketing campaign. But there is a great highlight to paid social media advertising, which is you can track exact numbers, such as impressions and reach. It’s much harder to track organic social media marketing and how that’s making you money. However, investing your margin into organic services IS going to strengthen your long term play by building value into your brand.

It’s much harder to track an organic search and organic social media marketing and how that’s making you money. However, investing your margin into organic services IS going to strengthen your long term play - by building continual value into your brand.

Ultimately, if your marketing is profitable and it’s bringing in customers, you can really invest unlimited amounts of money.

Now, let’s get to landing this plane.

We’ve established that outsourcing your social media marketing needs to the right person or team can be cost-efficient, time-saving and business building. You can grow your business when you have time to grow your business! Don’t take on the world - or worse, make your one-person marketing team take on the world. Shift the worries and hassle involved with the social media industry over to a company that knows how to handle your online audience, leaving you time to get to working on your favorite aspects of the business.

Want to learn more about unlocking the potential of social media marketing? Click the button below and start experiencing the benefits of outsourcing today.

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