Make Money Sleeping (Tips from Jessica Stansberry)

Making money while you’re sleeping sounds like an impossible dream, but with digital products, it could become your reality. The online market for digital products is booming, with over 2 billion people buying digital products online as of 2018. Digital products like eBooks, fonts, courses, software, music, digital art, presets, etc. can become a great source of residual income. The profit margin is unrivaled as you aren’t paying for any product materials or other expenses that you would typically with physical inventory sitting on a shelf.


If you can harness a pool of customers for your brand by continuously coming out with new products, there is potential to make residual income every month. It is much easier to keep pleasing the loyal customers who are already buying into your brand than to keep finding new ones to buy for you. Continue creating valuable products and services so your regulars will keep coming back for more. This method can catapult you into diving deeper into the world of digital products by developing an app or an online course.


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Make sure you aren’t promoting your product in an inauthentic way. Be transparent and give your customer a look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Show a video of how to make your product or share a photo of a customer using your product. Talk about why your product is relevant and try and give your audience a glimpse of what life could look like with your product.


Turn your talents and passion into a digital product and make some extra cash or start up an empire.


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