Creating the Hero Character in StoryBrand Marketing

Why having a BrandScript is important

A story only gets started when we know a person has a want. Like with Jason Bourn, the story gets started when we understand that he is trying to find out who he is.

Mistakes people make in defining what a hero wants -

  1. Using vague language

    • It might be cute or clever, but it’s not clear.

  2. Defining too many things that the customer wants

    • If Jason Bourne were trying to find out who he was, lose ten pounds, run a marathon, and start a business, we would lose interest.

    • It needs to be pointed and cover all of your product offerings.

How to define what your hero wants -

  1. Write down as many ideas as possible.

  2. Circle what strands out.

  3. Land on ONE.

Above all think, "how am I helping my customer survive and thrive?" Our human brains are wired to feel this way, and if you position yourself as the hero and not the guide, your customers won’t pay attention.

How to cast the perfect hero in your StoryBrand Marketing

Heroes only realize near the end of their story that they now are skilled, equipped, and strong. We need to remember that humans desire to go through a transformation. Brands that participate in that transformation of the customers win. Apple was selling people on the idea that they were a hidden genius, not just a computer company.

If we participate in our customer's transformation, we make the world a better place. We’re often selling people an aspirational identity and not just a product or service. There can be a value associated with your product beyond the product itself. Therefore, you need to associate your product or service with an aspiration identity.

Think to yourself, “what kind of person do I want to help my customers become?”

  1. First - Write down a bunch of ideas.

  2. Second - Circle the ones that stand out.

  3. Finally - Pick ONE that best fits your customer.

Think to yourself, or with your team, “what aspirational identity can we give our customers?” Now you can use this in your customer’s narrative. Great marketing is like playing the guitar, and you don’t always need to play this chord. You need to play the right chords at the right time to make it music and not just noise. Give people the opportunity to become better versions of themselves.

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