Shout it from the Rooftops: Creating Hype around a Launch

Do you have a new service, freebie, or product to launch out into the world but don’t know how to create a buzz around it? Here are four ways to create hype around your next launch. Hint: it doesn’t involve rooftops.

The first step is making sure you are serving your audience and providing them with valuable information leading up to your launch. Valuable information is imperative if you’re going to ask for something in return like a repost, share, etc. Educate your audience with the details and timeline of your launch to build up momentum, interest, and hype.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a fun interactive way to get your crowd invested in your launch. This strategy is excellent because followers can ask questions, and you can answer them in real time. The people who are engaging with you want to know there is a human behind the screen so show your face and speak directly to them (don’t be shy, people want to hear from you). Try creating an online webinar to stream or find a way to make your Facebook live super personal. This way, your followers feel like they are getting exclusive content that isn’t around for the masses.


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This idea may seem rather simple, but it is often overlooked. Send out a newsletter with links to a blog post about your launch and don’t forget to use a call to action. Encourage the people on your email list to forward your newsletter or blog content to friends and family who might be interested. Sharing will help your launch reach new like-minded people and potential new clients. Another great way is by sending out videos or graphics that others can repost on social channels. The easier it is to share, the more likely people are to spread the word.


Social Media & Countdowns

Try posting a creative teaser with links to more detailed information or fool around with your wording, hashtags, and emojis. You can create a hashtag and post it in your bio so people can utilize it when the launch comes around. Countdowns truly work! Post a countdown in your Instagram or Facebook Stories or even slide one into your emails. This time focus creates hype around your launch and gets your followers excited for the launch day.

Hopefully, this helps you get inspired to spend the time creating excitement around your launch. The hype you build can make your launch a real success.

What have you done to create hype around a launch?

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