Creating a Compelling Website the StoryBrand Way

Is your website getting the traffic it deserves?

Sadly, many businesses and brands have underperforming websites that aren’t getting the recognition or sales they deserve. If you want to create a compelling website, your strategy needs to be simple yet strong. You need to be clearly communicating your ’brand’s message in a manner that won’t leave your consumer guessing or confused.

If you want to create or recreate a compelling website, we’re here to help put you on a path for success. Here are 3 steps to help you create a website that does your service or product justice – a plan of action to boost your traffic and sales.


1.    Examine what’s deterring customers

Don’t start recreating your entire website before you’ve even figured out where you went wrong in the first place. Take a step back and carefully figure out what exactly isn’t working or needs to be tweaked and reconfigured. Research and make a clear plan of action, or you will probably be setting your website up to have the exact same problems it has already had. This step will save you loads of time, money, and aggravation in the long run.


2.    Study your Competitors

Check out your competitor’s websites for inspiration. You can get tons of new ideas and concepts when you look at what’s working for other businesses in your industry or niche. It’s not to say what works for one company will work for yours, but it can give your ideas to build upon and a feel for what you like. When you come across a website that intrigues you figure out why, take time studying the layout, the images, and the way the site navigates and flows.


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3.    Connect with your consumer

Use the correct verbiage to connect with your audience. Talk directly to your consumer and make sure not to use your homepage as a place to boast about your business. Put awards and accomplishments on your website but spend more time talking to your customer than praising your businesses achievements.


You’re going to need to get some help putting your vision onto the screen. Make sure you’re contacting the right designer and have a clear plan before reaching out, or you may end up with the same issues with which you started.

 Need any guidance in creating a website? Let us help!