Create Better Email Campaigns with StoryBrand

Creating a clear and concise message is the key to growing your business. StoryBrand helps you clarify your message and start converting your followers into customers. Open up a story loop every time you send an email. As a business, you probably want to position yourself as the hero who saves your customer, but it will benefit much more if you swap it around and start making your customer the star. Here are our three best tips on how you can apply StoryBrand to your email campaigns.

1: Stop using “we” or “my” and start using “you” and “your.”


Subject Line: Check out our Italy Excursions

We have great packaging and prices


Subject Line: Now booking: Your next Italy Excursion

This is your time to explore the magic of Italy

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2.     Craft a Killer Headline

If you want your customer to read the content in your email that you worked so hard to create, make sure you are crafting a caption that sparks their interest. To create a storyline, try teasing what is going to be inside, so the reader is intrigued and wants to click in to read more. Getting your email campaign opened up is more than half the battle. Prompt your readers to open your email by promoting exclusive coupons or offers only found within the email.


3.     Use Images

Show your customer what life could like with your product or service. Our eyes are naturally drawn to images and headlines before we ever even glance at the nitty-gritty text. Make sure your images are high quality and create a clear picture of what you are trying to sell or convey. You can communicate a story in seconds with a strong image, whereas it takes minutes for your reader to create a picture in their brain from reading your text.

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Apply these tips to your next email campaign and watch the click rates shoot up! Look back at your own campaigns and let us know what your best email campaign was.

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