Branding vs Marketing: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between branding and marketing? I mean, they sound the same right? They go hand in hand so closely it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two. If you’re running a business, it is imperative that you understand the differences between the two. Understanding can help you distinguish between the two and know how to use them together to better operate your business. 


What is Branding?

According to, branding is defined as the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. You use branding to set yourself aside from the competition and show customers how your product can better help them versus other products. Branding is probably one of the most important primary steps in making your business successful. Start off by asking yourself questions like “how do you want people to feel when they think of your business” and “what inspired you to build your business”. Answering these kinds of questions will help you better understanding how you want to brand your business and how you want people to perceive your business when they come across it. 


What are the different elements of branding?


Branding includes other aspects like your brand logo, purpose, identity, guidelines, image, and many more. Let’s discuss a few.


Brand Logo 

Your brand logo is that visual that people will automatically think of your company when they see it. A logo is often considered the face of a company so it is important to have a professional, visually appealing logo that will be easy for customers to identify and think of your business. 


Brand Image

Your brand image is the impressions customers get in their mind of a brand’s personality. The way this image is developed is over time by through various advertising campaigns. This is like a first impression you get when you first meet someone. It is important to make a good first impression on potential customers that way they are more likely to purchase your product or use your services. 


Brand Purpose

A brand’s purpose is what the brand stands for and why customers should believe in your brand. Your goal is to try to connect to your customer on an emotional level. To achieve this, you need to know your brand’s core values. This defines the company’s expectations like behaviors and skills. Your purpose should also be clear and concise, and it needs to be something that will mean something to your customers. It should make them want to have no doubts about your company. 


Brand Guidelines

 Brand guidelines should be a set of rules that make sure that all the team members who contribute to a business are all on the same page. For example, in a marketing company you have different roles such as marketers and web designers. Although their specific roles are very different, they are aware that they serve a purpose to help the company generate revenue and provide their customers with excellent service. The general guidelines for the company should be written down and reviewed with all the employees to ensure that everyone is up to speed. 


What is Marketing? 

Defined by the American Marketing Association, marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Whew, that was a mouthful wasn’t it. Don’t worry, we can put it in simpler terms. Basically, marketing is how you are going to deliver the message of your brand to your customers. Marketing is continuously changing with new trends and tactics coming about every day. You need to find what marketing technique works best for you and your business. Marketing methods include social media marketing, radio, print ads, pay per click marketing, and much more. Experimenting with difference methods and tracking which ones work better for your company can save you a lot of time and money with how you market. 


What are the different elements of marketing?


Marketing has so many different subcategories that go into it. Here, we’re going to discuss a few. 


Marketing Research 

Probably one of the most important sub categories of marketing. Marketing research consists of collecting marketing information about what customers are buying and why they buy it. This data is then analyzed and interpreted. A couple of ways this data is collected is by using surveys, questionnaires, and product testing to help companies better identify their target group in order to effectively direct their marketing efforts to that target market. 


Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the oldest and original forms of marketing. By definition, direct marketing is the business of selling products or services directly to the public. This includes selling by mail or telephone rather than selling through a retailer. 


There are some benefits that come with direct marketing. It allows you to sell your product or service directly to your targeted audience and collect results quickly. Another advantage of direct marketing is that you can always create new business opportunities because you can easily adapt to the market demands. 


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become without a doubt one of the most popular and effective ways to promote a business or service. With the growing number of people using social media increasing every day, it is no question that you should be using social media as a marketing tool. You can track how much traffic you are generating to various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see how effective your content is and how customers are responding to it.  


Social media is also a good way for business to communicate with customers on a personal level and build brand loyalty. Customers like to know that you care about their business and that you are listening to what they want to see. You want to convert one-time customers to permanent customers by providing great and useful content. 

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Product Marketing

Product marketing consists of bringing a new product or service into the market. It might seem simple, but this form of marketing takes lots of time and strategic planning. Components like presentation, price, and positioning are just a few of many that marketers use to ensure a successful launch of a product.  


Product marketing continues even after the product has launched into the market. Marketers have to make sure that people understand how the product works, its uses, and that the right audience is aware of the product. 

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