The 3 Best (FREE!) Apps to Plan Out Your Instagram Feed

We have compiled a list of the 3 best apps that will help you manage your Instagram feed and keep it consistent and cohesive. These apps are FREE and will assist you in boosting your Instagram game and get you posting like a pro in no time. Each of these apps make scheduling and tailoring your grid easy and stress free. 


1.    UNUM- Design Your Story (IOS only)

This app has an easy to use preview planning tool that allows you to drag and drop your images until you get an Instagram feed you’re proud of. You can even draft out captions beforehand when you are feeling inspired, so you don’t get stuck posting an amazing picture paired with an inauthentic caption.  UNUM has photo editing tools that you can use to tweak the colors and quality of your images to perfection. The best part of this app is that you can schedule all of your posts for the most optimal times and get push reminders sent straight to your phone when its time to publish. You can even get insight about your hashtags and receive vital information about the tags that are getting you the most engagement. A huge bonus is that you can add multiple accounts and switch amongst them effortlessly.  


2.    Preview: Planner for Instagram (IOS only)

With Preview you have free unlimited posts and can start planning a cohesive feed within minutes. This app has a long list of features allowing you to do things like manage your hashtag groups, add team members (without giving them your Instagram password) and even easily repost from other accounts. The interactive analytics of this app are super helpful and let you press on charts/ graphs to get more detailed information- how cool! The free version of this planner gives you access to two of their filter packs that are clean and easy to manipulate. If you want to upgrade to premium, you can unlock more features and more filter packs. With premium you can access your feed from other iPhones or devices and even have an option to backup your posts to the app itself for extra security.      

3.    Plann + Preview for Instagram  (IOS & Android)

Plann is a very well-developed planner and only continues to get better with every new update. This app, unlike the others, allows you to plan up to 6 months of content in advance. With Plann seamlessly plan out your feed, get important analytics, schedule posts, organize hashtags and draft captions all from your phone so you can create when you are most inspired. This award-winning app allows you to tailor the look of your feed with ease and will give you a notification when it’s time to post. Plann permits you to be more intentional and strategic with your content. 

Hopefully these apps can help you post more consistently and efficiently while boosting your engagement!

Did we convince you to start planning your feed? Let us know which app you’re planning on downloading!


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