5 Social Media Marketing Articles You Need to Read

Do you need help with your Social Media Marketing? We’ve compiled our top 5 favorite marketing articles to help you get ahead and start crushing it on social media. These articles are sure to elevate your marketing strategy and give you the confidence to push the needle in your business.


1.    7 Ways Psychology Can Make Your Facebook Ads Unforgettable – AdEspresso

“Basically, advertising is all about psychology. We have all these variables like copy, images, and emotions to persuade people that they want, need, desire our products. This article suggests some awesome ways we can use psychological techniques and the latest research to craft Facebook ads to maximise persuasion and help them stand out from the crowd. Very useful information in such competitive industry.”

Ales Pokora, Social Media Specialist

2.    132 Social media Case Studies – Successes and Failures – The Social Ms

“This comprehensive blog article looks to the debunk the misguided opinion that social media marketing cannot be used for sales, and in support gives readers a number of excellent case studies (132 in fact) of social selling as a viable business solution.”

Amber Dermoudy, Head of Social Media

3. Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us – OkDork

“Buzzsumo is a resource that we use daily in the Content Team, and this article of their research findings gave some great insights into what makes good content, and how people are engaging with content online. Since this article was first released, we have implemented several of these techniques into our best practice guidelines, and continue to make improvements every day.”

Jacqueline Charlton, Content Specialist


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4. From 0 to 110k Instagram Followers In 5 Months: The Growth Story of Foundr – Gleam

Jason Garrard, Senior Social Media Producer

“For the Instagram marketing skeptics, this is a great article that gives a breakdown into some of the tactics Nathan Chan, co-founder of the online magazine for entrepreneurs ‘Foundr’, used to make Instagram marketing look easy. Not only did Nathan’s strategies increase engagement on the platform, they also drove substantial revenue, all for FREE (minus time and effort). What’s even better is that Foundr’s Instagram growth is showing no signs of slowing down. At the time this article was written (April 2015) Foundr was sitting at 111k followers, today (Oct 2015) they’re on 403k… ”

5. Instagram to Expand Ad Base, Integrates Facebook Targeting Capabilities – ClickZ

Sam McIntyre, Social Media Producer

“Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social platforms and recently they have introduced a broad-based Ads / Sponsored post feature. This involves the same targeting options as Facebook through Business Manager. It’s extremely exciting as this enhances the opportunities and reach through the Instagram platform.”

What is your favorite Social Media Marketing article you’ve read?

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