3 Ways to Better Serve your Email Campaign Readers

Have you started an email list? Well if you haven’t, you’re making a HUGE mistake! Half of the population on earth (4 billion people) have active email accounts, and a majority of those people have access to their email 24/7 through their smartphone.

So let’s say you have already started compiling an email list but have no idea of what to say or how to serve the people on it. Take a minute to think about the questions you are always getting asked and jot them down. Chances are the skills that come easy to you may not come as easy to your subscribers. A great place to start is by sharing tips, tricks, hacks, and advice about topics that you’re already knowledgeable. Here are three ways you can begin better serving your email list today.

Add Value

Make sure your emails are purposeful, targeted, and most importantly adding value to your subscribers. Your emails should make your subscribers feel like they are VIP members getting top-notch information and insight. If you have a blog or a page of free resources, make sure to let them know by attaching links at the end of every email. You can also garner their trust and appreciation by sending out coupons and referral codes. P.S. Make sure you have a catchy email header, so your email doesn’t end up in the trash can.


Try out an email series

Choose a topic and dive deep into it over a longer length of time. Leave your subscribers wanting more at the end of every email, so they keep opening their inbox excited to see what news you have for them this week. An email series can help lay out the nitty gritty of a more complex subject in a simpler, more straightforward to way to digest format.


Who doesn’t like a good giveaway? Giveaways not only helps serve your email list but helps it to grow as well. Try partnering with other businesses, brands, or influencers and help each other flourish (this gives you access to a whole new community of people). You could also try a free challenge or a video series that leads up to a giveaway. This process will give an incentive to your follows to stay up to date with your emails, so they don’t miss their chance to win. Take our advice, try a giveaway, and who knows; it may even go viral!

If you haven’t started an email list, MailChimp is a great place to start storing your emails. You can add up to 2,000 subscribers for free and even make beautiful templates with their easy to use with a drag and drop system.

If you don’t use MailChimp, what’s your favorite email marketing service?

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