How to Punch Fear in the Proverbial Throat, Hard

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"Why in the throat," you ask? Well, I think most people don't hate fear, they want it to shut up. So while the imagery is a bit alarming, we merely need to give it a quick jab to silence it. How do you do this? In all honesty, I think there are a few ways you can do it. I'll share two I like but talk about one in-depth — one that everyone can apply.

Fear gets cast out

Full disclosure, I love Jesus. So if you don't, you're more than welcome to skip this part. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is God and proved he is by resurrecting from the dead after taking my punishment upon the cross exactly when he said he would. Because of God's Love for you and me, he did this. He has unconditionally promised a few things; he will never leave or forsake me, I get to spend eternity with him, and that he will work all things together for his Glory and my good, no matter what happens.

I find that when I genuinely ponder God's infinite love for me, my fears fade in the presence of an almighty God. So whatever thing I take on or encounter, I do with confidence that God's going to take care of me at a macro level. Option 1? Surrender your fears and remember God's relentless and unconditional love for you.

Fear has voice 

You already know this, at least subconsciously. There is regularly a message that is playing in your mind that is on autoplay. It can be hard to figure out exactly what is going on there, so I put together these questions to help clarify. This feeling isn't a faith thing; it's just a human thing. We all feel fear, maybe differently and at various levels, but it's there. Option 2: grab a pen & paper and punch fear in the throat.

  • In what specific areas are you experiencing fear and what is fear saying to you?

  • What do you think would happen if you believed the message you're receiving about your fear?

  • If fear wasn't an issue, what would you ultimately want?

  • What is the truth about you. What's reality and what’s the story you're making up?

Most of the time, I don't feel perfectly assured about everything before I do it. If I am over 50% confident, I go for it. It's not my advice to you, but that's how I want to live my life. There is too much at stake and so much to experience that I refuse to be crushed by voices that don't have a face. But maybe yours do have a face! That may make it even more challenging, but I encourage you to get a counselor, start journaling, or to pray. Do something.

Maybe this means you ask that person on a date, start a side hustle, lead beyond your comfort zone. It's all growth. I'd rather receive criticism for doing something than do nothing at all.


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Evan Knox

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