Are You REALLY Doing Facebook Ads Like You Should?

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There is so much hype around Facebook/Instagram advertising, but it truly is that awesome. It's 1/3 of the price (for us) in comparison to Google AdWords for the same return. What's the trick though? We find that many business leaders think they are advertising on Facebook, but they are merely boosting posts. This action is the equivalent of saying you're riding a motorcycle when you're actually on a small child's electric bike. This statement would be correct, but you're not actually riding a Ducati so it would be weird if you expected it to go as fast or perform as well.

What advantages does each have?

Boosting Posts - It's incredibly effortless, but beware. Facebook is a business, and they are making ridiculous amounts of money by making it easy for you to dip your toes in the water. Most times it's impossible to track an ROI for boosting a post or notice any real impact on your business. This dilemma is why many companies feel that Facebook Advertising doesn't work for them. The targeting, customization, and optimization abilities are extremely low in comparison. If you haven't tried Facebook Advertising, I beg you, don't miss out by giving up.

Ads Manager - The targeting capabilities of advertising on Facebook/Instagram/Audience Network/Messenger are frightening. It may be a little scary that they know you so well, but it's great for your business. You've experienced this before; you've previously gone shopping online for, let's say, shoes. And before you know it, you see shoe ads every time you get online. Here are five quick bullet points that showcase how Ads Manager is so much better.

  1. In-depth targeting options that go beyond just interest-based targeting

  2. Unique call to action buttons that tell your users exactly what action to take

  3. Unique creative and placement options

  4. Different optimization options based on your business objectives

  5. Better campaign


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