Before You Post, Ask This One Crucial Question

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Does it provide people value?

Maybe you've felt the tension of, "What do I post about?" From there you might get stuck and can't think of something to talk about or what to post. The next thing you know, you have an event or a sale going on, and there you go, that one is easy! You then post about your event or sale. After a few cycles of this, most of your content only calls people to action. People get fatigued by this. When they get fatigued, your engagement rate drops. When this happens, you have a lower reach with fewer people seeing your brand. When fewer people see your brand, they remember you less, and your competition pulls ahead. All of this because of the content block you had in the beginning. It's okay. You're not alone. Millions of business owners and marketers have had this feeling before. What I'm going to share will make it considerably easier to produce content that people want to engage with. When more people engage with your content, your reach increases and users will see your brand more. When they see your brand more, the sales increase and your business will start to grow.

Social Media strategy

There are stacks of social media strategies and algorithm hacks that are helpful in maximizing your reach, but most of this is useless without a solid content strategy. The first question we ask when creating a Social Media content strategy is, "how can we provide people value in this niche?" The goal at the end of the day isn't to get more likes; it's to build a tribe of loyal people around your brand. The most effective way to grow that tribe is caring for them and providing them value.

Caring for your tribe

One option in our packages is Community Management. This addition means that we talk and interact with people on your behalf. It can be a tedious job fielding random questions, reviews, and conversations on your posts. But, this is essential to building that loyal tribe. This option is just another manifestation of the challenge of, "how can I provide them value?" If someone took the time to write to you or comment on your post, they deserve the time and effort to be communicated back. When we don't engage with them, we show followers that we don't value them. Don't be that brand or business. The more you care about other people, the more it will come back around to you, in due time.

Implementing the question across social media

A fundamental yet practical way to create a social media strategy is to ask, "what are five different types of content that provide people value?" You can make them laugh, feel inspired, educated, you name it. You can empathize with them and let them know they are not alone. If you're on Snapchat or Instagram stories, you could give them a glimpse of behind the scenes more casually and less permanently. Before you post something ask yourself, "does this provide my people value?" It will make or break your tribe.

When do I ask for the sale?

For most brands and businesses, social media is one of the many outlets that help grow their company. If you're a business leader, you might be asking yourself, "how is this going to make me money?". We get it. The numbers need to make sense to entertain the thought of an investment. We suggest asking for the sale a maximum of once every four posts or pieces of content. This recommendation isn't a hard and fast rule, but a guideline. If it's your biggest sale of the year, it might be a great idea to ask followers a variety of ways to do business with you, because they may not have seen the first post. Be careful not do it too often and turn into white noise again.


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Evan Knox

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