Why You Probably Won't Read This... But It’s Not Your Fault

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What's impressive is that your brain is consistently analyzing information through the lens of, "Does this help me survive or thrive?" How do I know that? Can you name how many options/keys you have on your keyboard? Probably not, even though you use it every day. However, you can tell me exactly where the doors and exits are. It might sound primitive, but be thankful that every time you walk outside, you're not trying to name every shade of color and where it lands on the color wheel. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. In this short read, I'll break down surviving vs. thriving and how you can communicate in a way that people will listen.

Maybe you've done it or seen someone do it themselves. Their eyes kind of glaze over. You know that even though they are physically present, they're not mentally there. Most of the time, this is the human brain conserving calories. Your body is smart, and part of its survival is picking and choosing what information to pay attention to. When your mind says, "this doesn't help me survive or thrive," it shuts off. So for the potential investors, clients, audience members, etc. to listen, we need to run what we are saying through this lens.

Survive - Is this going to help me stay alive?

Longevity of health

Conserving financial resources

Saving time

Thrive - Is this going to make it easier and more enjoyable to be alive?

Building social networks

Gaining status

The desire for meaning


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Evan Knox

Founder Of Caffeine Marketing