The Game-Changing Apps that Live on My Phone

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I'm militant about what lives on my iPhone home screen. As a business owner, husband, and employee, I want to keep things in my life simple, because life itself isn't. I'm confident that there is plenty of incredible content, resources, apps, and more out there. But we now live in a world of content overload so not wasting my time on average content is vital. Here are my key app suggestions to maximize your 24 hours.


Things 3 - This thing is unreal! (see what I did there?) I did a lot of research into project management and to-do list like apps. This one has by far been the easiest to use, and it has helped me keep my mind stress-free(ish). Perk: Great on Apple watch too.

Fantastical 2 - If you can, use one calendar for both work and personal. Despite my efforts, I can only get down to three. This app had been a lifesaver, and it's not far off from a smart assistant. Perk: Great on Apple watch too.

Content Consumption

Medium - Crowded with ideas and perspectives you may not find anywhere else. This online publication is a user-friendly way to tap into the world's most insightful writers, thinkers, and experts based on topic. Perk: Audio version available.

Blinkist - Detailed and brief summaries of non-fiction books. It's a game changer. There's no way I can read as much as I'd like to, but this enables me to understand thought leader's ideas at a high level. Perk: Audio version available.

Pocket - I know it's a great article, but I don't have time to read it right now. Welcome to Pocket. Save all those blogs people send you and read them when you have some margin.

Overcast? - I've only been playing around with this app instead of Apple Podcasts for a few days now. Overall, it seems excellent and full of great features. Most importantly to me, it integrates with the Apple Watch. I don't love the look as much so once I get over that, I'll entirely switch over.


Spark - This email platform puts all others to shame. 1 — It looks great and is super easy to use. 2 — You can send quick replies which save a lot of time and perceived effort for me. Perk: Great on Apple watch too.

Slack - This has to be the most effective way to keep everyone on your team (and clients) on the same page. It integrates well with a host of different apps.

GroupMe - Who doesn't love sending gifs and having fun? That's what I think of when someone mentions GroupMe. For fun and basic team communication, it's excellent. Slack is your professional self and GroupMe is you at game night after a drink or two.


Sprout Social - There might be more cost-effective social media management platforms, but I favor Sprout Social for their analytics. This is huge in proving the value of our services. If you're just starting, try Buffer.

Headspace - I am prone to distraction. Headspace keeps me focused when I'm feeling foggy and helps me be more mindful.

Evernote - If you're still using the native Notes App on your phone, make the switch and get out of the dark ages. Evernote has great organizational tools to keep your ideas sorted and makes them easily accessible later.

Dropbox - "It's all on the cloud bro.." (hippy voice) It's easy to use with straightforward pricing.

Grammarly - I promise you wouldn't be reading this without its help.


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