Two Main Social Media Marketing Strategies, Explained

Social media marketing can sometimes feel like a catch-all for a lot of different situations. More recently, it is thought of as the provision of valuable content on social media sites as your brand and paying to advertise on these social networking sites.

Organic vs Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing can be defined simply as producing content for people on social media without paying to show it to people. Paid social media marketing is when you pay a company to display ads that you create which are intended for people on that platform. When you post on Instagram or Facebook as your company, that is considered organic social media marketing whereas when you run ads on these platforms, that is counted as paid social media marketing.

Organic Social Media Strategy

Organic Social Media is all about producing value to current and potential customers. When you (or us if you hire us) are creating content, an ideal thought process could be, "how can I entertain, inform, educate, etc. people who are, or might be, clients/customers." Think about this as giving away as much as you can so that people will trust and connect with your brand. How you do this on each platform differs. Just remember consistency and quality are always crucial.

Paid Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing presents the most significant opportunity you have to market your company for the lowest cost. As a whole, people are not desensitized to this medium. It’s highly effective in driving various business objectives. Your company size and goals will determine how to best use paid social media advertising. Most likely. Facebook ads are your best starting point. As always, if you’d like professional help in maximizing your marketing dollars, contact us today.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing