Should You Invest in Facebook Advertising? Answer: Yes!

Get the highest return on your marketing investment

I get it, making the best use of your marketing capital can be intimidating. I want to assure you that properly set-up Facebook advertisements are your best investment of marketing dollars.


  • They are underpriced like Google Adwords were over a decade ago.

  • You can trace people across platforms.

  • You can track most conversions.

  • It doesn’t just include Facebook. It’s Facebook, Instagram, and the rest of their netowork’s audience.

  • You’re advertising to people where their attention currently is.

I want to warn you though; many people do not set their campaigns up correctly and wing it by throwing it on the wall hoping it will stick. If you’d like us to run your campaigns for you, get a quote today. If you’d prefer coaching on how to do it, we can do that too!


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Evan Knox

Founder Caffeine Marketing