How To Grow A Start-up Company (Practical Steps Included)

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Hey, I’m Evan, and I’m the founder of Caffeine Marketing. We’re a digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in growing small companies in maturity and revenue. If at any point you’ve got questions or would like coaching, reach out!

Maybe you're considering starting, or just started a company. Today we’re going to talk about some starting point action items to help you start growing.

Considering how to grow

If you have not developed a business plan or determined how you’re going to be a profitable business, start there. Once you’ve passed that, it’s time to get things started.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling; if people never see or hear it, they won’t buy it. In the beginning stages of a company, you need to be thinking of brand awareness. What is the best investment of your time and money to get meaningful attention from your target audience? If you were working with us, we would focus most of your marketing capital on those aspects. We would create brand awareness campaigns within Facebook ads manager with links to your site. If they go to your site, that’s great, but we want to focus on getting the most attention for the smallest dollar amount.

Besides that, you could offer giveaways on social media. Giveaways increase your following and brand awareness with relevant people who might be interested in your product or service. Additionally, seize any public relation opportunities to get your brand in front of people.

Brand awareness is your first focus.

Your secondary focus is moving people from brand awareness to consideration. If we work together, this would be a retargeting ad based on people who saw the first ad. Retargeting puts your brand back in front of them and helps move them from a lukewarm to a warm lead.

After that, you can focus on conversions. You could offer a deal to the people who haven’t taken a step towards working with you or buying your product but have been interacting with you. Within a Facebook/Instagram advertisement, we would suggest optimizing for conversions either as purchases for products or optimizing for leads for services. Depending on your traffic, we might set up an ad to people specifically who have gone onto your site in the last 180 day who haven’t bought anything who haven’t purchased anything in that time or submitted for a quote. This way, you could make a very septic offer just for them.

If you’re selling a product, it might be wise to do limited runs of each specific product. Doing so creates scarcity and also keeps your overhead low if you do not have as much demand as you thought you might. We have done this with a client using an email campaign, and it was hugely successful. If you would like our help with that, get a quote today.

Another idea is to sell your product or service at cost so that you can sell more products and create more brand awareness.

Additionally, during this time think quality: quality in branding, service, and products. Build a product or service that people want to share with their peers.

Growing your start-up

Practical Steps To Grow your Company

In part 1, we talked about a basic framework to think through and some practical action items you should consider. In this section, we’re going to talk about basic marketing techniques that you should pursue.

  1. Create messaging on your website that’s clear, and that sells.

  2. Create a lead generator. Most likely this is going to be an informational PDF people would want to download.

  3. Create a 7 part email follow-up sequence for after they have downloaded your pdf.

  4. Install a Facebook Pixel to retarget website traffic and utilize that data for a lookalike audience later.

  5. Make sure your homepage visually shows what you do and is clear about what you do, why people need it, and how to buy it.

  6. Start blogging.

  7. Provide value to your potential clients through social media.


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