The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. SEO)

What is SEO

If you’re not too familiar with SEO here are some basics. Use this to avoid what I consider the Sleazy SEO guy who kinda looks like a weird used car salesman. He takes $1,000 a month from you for something you’re not even sure is real. Let’s avoid that.

Pillars of great SEO

  • Traffic

  • Keywords

  • Back-linking

Traffic -

If you can consistently get a large amount of quality traffic to your website, you will increase your position within a Google search. One great way to create that traffic is to run effective social media advertisements. If you would like help with that, get a quote today.

Keywords -

A lot of people go overboard here, and that kills there conversion rates on your website. You might have a lot of keywords, but if your wording on your site doesn’t compel people to buy from you, it’s irrelevant how many keywords you have. Create messaging that sells and then blog using keywords. If you need help with creating messaging that sell, get a quote today.

Back-linking -

Maybe this sounds intimidating, don’t let it be. It’s essentially asking or getting your link on other people’s websites. Search engines use this to help determine how relevant and essential you are based on who links to your website. So it might be helpful to try and get featured on someone’s blog or a news article.


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Evan Knox

Founder of Caffeine Marketing