How to Run Your Company’s Facebook Ads Like A Champ

  1. Create a Business Manager account

    • You can go to and set it up there.

    • A Business Manager account is different from a Facebook Page.

    • It will be the place where you can manage and access the following:

      • Facebook Page

      • Facebook Pixel

      • Ad Account

      • Custom Audiences

      • Business Settings

      • And a whole lot more!

    • Setting up this account will also enable you to assign us as a partner if you’re looking for a marketing agency to work will who will deliver a high return on investment for you.

    • Go ahead and fill out all the information it asks you to fill out.

    • If you already have an ad account, you need to transfer it into a business manager account.

  2. Set up an Ad Account, Facebook Pixel, and add The Facebook/Instagram pages and any other assets you have

  3. Once you have all of that set-up, you can create your ads

    • How you will target and set-up the ads will depend on what sort of data you have available already.

    • Need any help? Give us a call.

  4. Create a very basic format of ads

    • Brand awareness campaign - create a lookalike audience based off of any appropriate custom audience you have.

      • Website pixel traffic

      • Engaged with you on Facebook or Instagram

      • An uploaded customer list

    • Conversion campaign - this can be optimized for landing page views, leads, or purchase conversion if you have an online store.

      • Create an audience based on people who have seen the brand awareness campaign above. These people will be warmer leads than the cold traffic above. Use this for one ad set.

      • Create another ad set just retargeting website traffic.

  5. Create ads within the Basic Formats

    • Generally, the more segmented your audience is, the better returns you will get.

    • The only issue with being too specific is that your frequency rate might be too high and eventually become white noise to people.

    • Create a few ads within each ad set for each ad set to optimize to

If any of this sounds confusing, it’s okay. We spent a lot of time doing this as a social media marketing agency and understand if you don’t live in the social media marketing world, it can feel overwhelming. If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area and are looking to get the highest possible return on your marketing investment, we’d love to talk to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


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Evan Knox

CEO of Caffeine Marketing